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Transformers toy review; Fanstoys FT-24 Rouge

Now this may not be the type of review you might expect to find on my blog.

You read it right in the title, this is a Transformers related review, but not about a movie or a series. It will be about a toy.

For those of you who are Transformers fan or have seen the show back in the 80s/90s. You probably recognise this character as Arcee. First appearance in the 1986 Transformers the Movie. She is one of the most well-known female autobots (there are more but lets face it, at the time girls were not the target audience and apparently that was reason enough not to include many females in the show).

There have been more than one 3rd party (not official toy brands) that created Arcee as a toy. Yet this particular 3rd party, known as Fanstoys, was the one that people were anticipating the most! The Fanstoys FT-24 Rouge. (Not pronounced as roak…you dimwits…)


Now that people have finally gotten their hands on this figure a lot of issues were brought to light.

Not about the way she looks, her paintjob or accessoires. The issues are regarding her mobility, but most importantly her transformation into car mode.

Those of you who have Transformers figures, whether its from a 3rd party, a k.o, or a Hasbro / Takara masterpiece figure, you all know the importance of a smooth transformation from bot to toy.

It starts with Arcee’s right leg which is practically unmoveable at the hip. It comes to the point where you have to practically almost yank it out in order for it to come lose and from then it’s fine and poseable.

But then we get to the actual transformation. And……. I have to admit….I stopped.

After 5 minutes.

It was too flimsy, I was too afraid I’d break it. I couldn’t move certain things without causing paint to get scraped off the toy. I left it alone and transformed it back to her bot mode. I gave my boyfriend permission to do it because he is an expert when it comes to this. So we shall see how that works out.

Until then…

She will be put on the shelf next to all our other Transformers and will stay there as a figure. Forever.

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Nr. 6! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

This anime is probably one of the most well-known anime. If you haven’t seen it, chances are you have heard of it or know someone who has.

The series first aired in Japan in 1989 and in Europe near 2000. Now this show is actually a sequel, and originally also based on the manga.

Imagine aliens, who look like humans but have insane strength and power and when reaching their ultimate peek they turn into even more majestic looking humans.

I am talking of course…..

About Dragonball Z !

I remember coming home from school and this show would be waiting for me. I was one of the view people in my class who watched it (let alone watch any anime or play anime games, my schoolfriends sucked).

From episode 1 I was hooked and I mean hooked! I would draw the characters, shout along whenever someone said ‘kamehame’. …good times!

Dragon ball Z is about a young man named Goku. Goku is not human, he is actually from an alien race called Saiyan. Originally in the prequel show, Dragon Ball, he was sent to Earth in order to destroy it. But he gets into an accident and suffers memory loss causing him to forget his original goal, thus he is raised on Earth as a human.

Back to Dragon Ball Z. Goku is married to Chi-Chi, together they have a child called Gohan and Goku lives his life by engaging in tournaments or stopping villians from destroying the planet.

The first season of the show focusses mainly on Goku meeting his brother Raditz, who was send to Earth and check on his brother as to why the planet still hasn’t been destroyed.

The meeting doens’t go too well as Goku ends up dying (which is always awesome when the main character dies within the first couple of episodes). Raditz and Goku arw both destroyed by Piccolo, another alien but a friend of Goku. Raditz warns them that two more Saiyans are heading to Earth in order to destroy it. With Goku dead, Piccolo and most of Goku’s frienss start to train in order to stop the new Saiyans from destroying Earth.

Meanwhile Goku (who is still dead) travels through Snake way to visit King Kai, where he will train in order to get strong enough to help with the battle. He is later brought back to life by the Dragon Balls.

“Just cause I am dead, doesn’t mean I am not alive!”

Dragon balls are magical objects (orange coloured balls each painted with a certain number of stars). You need seven in total in order to be able to make a wish. After the wish the Dragon balls scatter across the planet, ready to be found again.

“Hold on to your balls!”

So to conclude, Dragom Ball Z ran for a long time with many seasons and storylines, some more ridiculous than the other but always very much loved.

It is definitely worth a watch especially if you were a kid born in the 80s and had a 90s childhood.

One of my all time favourites!

Hope you enjoyd this blog, have a great day and as always….take care!

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Nr 7! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list!

It has been a while, but I am back with the anime top 10 countdown list!

At nr. 7 I have chosen an anime I learned about and watched completely (all of the seasons, sequels, spin-offs, you name it). This anime is most known for its toy line of build it yourself kits (such as Gundam).

I am talking….about ZOIDS!

Zoids chaotic century is an anime series from 1999. The anime is based on the zoids toy line which is quite popular in Japan and still produces mecha model kits to this very day.

The anime is about a boy called Van Flyhight who lives on the the planet Zi. Van finds a creature (looks like a metal T-Rex) who he names Zeke. Zeke is an Organoid, meaning he can merge with these machines called Zoids, which than gives the Zoid increased fighting power. Zeke brings a Zoid known as a Shield Liger back to life and Van uses the Zoid to fight off a couple of bandits. Van also finds a blond haired girl named Fiona a girl woth ancient powets. The goal of the series is to discover Fiona’s past, her memories and the origin of her powers.

Along the way they meet Moonbay, a transporter with incredible (insert sarcasm) singing skills and the merchenary Irvine. During their travels a war breaks out and they get caught up in the middle.

Zoids are usually used for combat but some are also used for daily labour (though this isn’t often shown). Usually depicted as some type of dinosaur or animal, Zoids are robotic looking creatures and can bond with the person who controls them.

I had a lot of fun watching the show and thought the story was really good though the summary sounds rather cliché (I admit). My partner used to collect Zoids when he was younger (they actually sold them here in the Netherlands back in the 80s and 90s) and he got me hooked on them as well.

The kits are quite expensive depending on which model you buy. They are a lot of fun to build (somtimes rather frustrating because of small pieces) and I made one myself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this long awaited post! Have a great day and take care!

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I know I have been quiet for a bit. Life has been hectic, and with life I mean work life.

But that did not stop people from reading posts and actually subscribing!

I am so happy to have reach a total following of 50 people and I wanted to thank you all for that!

I feel so loved by all of you!

As for posting, that will happen this week. Still finishing the top 10 favourite anime and number 7 is next on the list!

I wonder how many of you know that show.

Once again thank you all who read my blogs and subscribed! You are the best!

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Nr. 8! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

One might say that this is a rip-off of Pokemon….

But is it really?

Let’s face it, if this a rip-off than Pokémon might as well be one of something else. So on, and so on.

It originated as a digital monster toy, got popular and boom an anime series was created. In 1999 the show aired for the first time in Japan. It ran for a year followed by a sequel series and currently has about 7 shows/spin offs in total.

I am talking….about Digimon!

On number 8 on the list is Digimon. Digimon are creatures in a digital dimension world.

Digimon Adventure tells the story of 7 kids at summer camp who each receive a gadget during a snow blizzard (in the middle of Summer) and they get transported to another dimension.

In this dimension they meet 7 different species of Digimon. These Digimon have been waiting for them for a long time. Each child gets their own personal Digimon and this is the start of the series. Each Digimon has the power to evolve in a more stronger being, with eventually a final transformation.

The goal of the series is for the children to get back to their world, later this goal is changed to saving the digital world of Digimon.

During the series every child gets a so called Crest which embodies a particular trait that defines each of them. Once they fully embody this trait their personal Digimon is able to transform to his or her ultimate form.

I loved this show and had my own personal favourite Digimon and even collected the cards at one point. I also watched the 2nd series of Digimon but after that lost interest in the new Digimon shows.

Let me know if you’ve seen Digimon and who you liked the most.

Have a great day/evening and until next time when we tackle entry number 7!

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Cold remedies! A plague of sniffles.

To step off topic for a moment. I have become the victim of the common cold. I really need to get better as this weekend there is Comic Con in my country…

As some of you know I am a teacher, which means I am basically surrounded by bacteria most of the time (with this I mean the students…only kidding..).

I tend to get ill during the fall and during the end of winter/ beginning of spring. (I absolutely hate it. I’d rather have an upset stomach or a sprained ankle than the common cold).

It starts with a sore throat, which lasts for 4 days at most. On the 3rd day, the sniffles make their appearance as well as the phlegm cough. Around the 5th or 6th day things calm down and I can function normally (whatever that may mean).

My remedy

The moment I feel my throat becoming sore I take a zinc tablet in the morning. I don’t take tablets for sore throats because I’m allergic to something in them but I have no clue for what exactly.

Instead I take a Hot Coldrex about 3 times a day (which is powder with 30mg vit. C. And 500mg paracetamol…or acetaminophen I think it is called on some other countries). I shower every day, get dressed and open a window for fresh air. Not to mention the amount of tea (mostly ginger) I pour down my throat.

When the sniffles start I can’t do a lot. Hardly anything works when it comes to my nose. I can barely breathe through my right nostril meaning blowing my nose is somewhat of a difficulty. What I do is breath slowly through my nose as often as I can.

One of my colleagues advised me to put an extra pillow under my head when going to bed. And surprisingly enough ever sincr I did this I sleep so much better during the night when I am ill!

How about you?

What do you do when you get the sniffles? Or a sore throat?

Let me know in the comments because if there is a way to get rid of it quicker…I want to know it!

Hope you enjoyed this off topic review. Until next time!

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Nr. 9! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

One of the few anime series which actually aired on Dutch television back in the 90s was this show.

It was aired during the day…but now that I’m an adult and actually understand what the show is about (which I did not back then, I just thought it was awesome), I am not so sure it is that much of a child friendly show…not like Pokémon.

Nonetheless I was a child, I did not have second thoughts regarding people being shot in an anime, people being murdered, people making death threats when invited to a birthday party. I guess the tv network didn’t have any second thoughts either, as the show aired ever weekday until it was finished and after a few months it was re-aired on another channel.

Enough rambling, on with the review. On nr. 9! Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing is one of the many Gundam series Anime has to offer. First aired back in 1995 with 49 episodes and 2 OVA. After the series ended a couple of Manga adaptations were made.

Out of all the Gundam series, Gundam Wing is not even near the top 3 of Gundam shows to watch, which saddens me as it is my personal favourite (probably because of the nostalgia feeling it gives me whenever I hear that intro).

The plot

The series is about 5 teenage boys, each trained by a specific scientist to operate their own personalised Gundam. After the training each boy is send to Earth (mankind found a way to colonise space) independently and are unaware of each other’s existence.

They are send to Earth to destroy a military organization called OZ (short for the Organization of the Zodiacs). Over the course of the series the teenagers find and meet each other and eventually realize their true purpose, that they are actually part of one group sent out to destroy OZ.

We meet other people along the way (mostly women, but they are kick ass women), who help the boys reach their goal.

The whole show is filled with drama, action, suspense and a bit of romance. The music, the suspense, the characters and their own personal stories are really well done. There isn’t a blah character among them.

Which is why this show gets 9th place on my favourite anime list.

“Now that that’s been taken care of, time for tea.”

Hope you enjoyed the short review and let me know if you’ve seen this series.

Until next time!