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Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017)


Yes, I can finally say that I have seen the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi…. and my word it was so incredibl…. *cries* I can’t… somebody hand me a tissue.

Why Disney…. why…why… why!

Okay, enough with me being over the top and a bit unnecessarily dramatic. Time for my review on The Last Jedi!

First what you must know about me is that I love Star Wars, I’ve seen all of the movies too many times for my own good. We have too many Star Wars toys, figurines, mugs (only 2), you name it in this house. I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan, but just a fan is close enough.

I was really excited for this movie. We didn’t go to the cinema as my partner quite dislikes crowded places and basically the cinema in general and I am so happy we did not spend any money on this film.

Luke (ha word pun…) *coughs*, I don’t want to give away too much of the film in case you haven’t seen it, so be warned for any spoilers if you decide to keep on reading.

*spoilers ahead* (scroll down for no spoilers)

The previous movie ended with Rey handing Luke his light sabre. In The Last Jedi we pretty soon figure out that our old bubbly-happy-always-ready-to-help-his-friends-and-jumps-into-action Luke… has fallen into a state of deprssion, resentment or whatever we should call it. He has been pretty traumatised by something and he has chosen to go into hiding, far away from anyone and anything that has to do with the Force.

He now lives on the island, which is inhabited by Porgs (basically Puffins but without the beak), frog looking maids and this gigantic sea cow who provides Luke with nutricious green milk…

“Got milk?”

Sounds legit, I mean a bit unexpected…but hey maybe Luke is less the man he used to be and the past is catching up on in.

Though I’ll be honest this is not the Luke I wanted to see…I miss the old Luke and I am also a bit sad the movie didn’t show how Luke’s life has been since Darth Vader died (apart from training new Jedi).

Speaking of the Force and Jedi….

Why hello Leia, I didn’t know you could do Jedi tricks. Now I am sure she has some of the Force deep inside her being Luke’s twin, but this was just too farfetched.

“I’ve always dreamt of flying.”

The movie doesn’t stop there. Some things are done really well. Kylo Ren for example is great in this film, better than the previous movie and his development and struggle between the dark and light side of the force is ver well done.

But then there is Snoke. This creepy looking all mighty powerful being who manipulated Kylo to the dark side. His power is even more greater than that of Palpatine!

Oh…he’s dead… never mind…

Come on! This was too bizarre. Okay I liked the fact that it was Kylo who did this, but really? Snoke is so distracted with torturing Rey, that he doesn’t notice that Kylo has activated the light sabre (which is lying right next to Snoke on his throne) and turns it 180° with his mind, cutting right through Snoke’s body who dies immediately.

Anti climatic.

I could go on about other points which annoys me, the sudden connection between Kylo and Rey which develops too soon to my taste. Chewie cooking a Porg (I cried seeing that sad Porg face staring at the big furry furrball), Luke’s death (though I have more compassiom for this death than Snoke’s) and the whole boyish squabble between General Hux and Kylo Ren (I mean was this really neccessary?)

“He started it…”

Now the good things about this film because there were some good things…

  • Kylo Ren’s story and development
  • Rey’s parents are nobodies (this is not 100% proven aside from Kylo telling Rey he has seen this when they were linked together).
  • Rose (I liked her, I thought she was funny)
  • Luke and Leia meeting
  • Poe having a bigger role in this film.
  • Yoda dissing Luke
“Productive have you been, Master Skywalker. Some milk have you for me, yes?”

*spoiler free*

Rating a 6 out of 10

To conclude, this movie was really intense and at some points painful too watch. Its not at the bottom of my list for Star Wars films but above Star Wars II and maybe even III (ugh that Anakin) and above the Star Wars Christmas special (that will always remain a big nope!)

I wonder how Disney will save its butt from this one, there has been a lot of critique and bashing regarding this movie.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about The Last Jedi and if you agree or disagree with me on certain points.

Thanks for reading and I will see you next time!

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Only the Brave (2017)

I love movies, I enjoy all genres. However, my favourite genre is movies based on true events.

Only the Brave tackles the subject on draught fires. This is something we hardly (lets just say never) experience in the Netherlands. My step-family is Greek and on the island my step-grandparents live there have been several cases of fires. Its a scary thing and it isn’t until the fire dies out, you realize how much is destroyed.

Only the Brave is a film about a true event. Now I am keeping this movie spoiler free. But for those who live in the area of where this event took place, you probably already know the story.

The movie is based on the true story and in memory of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. A group of firefighters who fought the Yarnell Hill fire in June 2013.

Josh Brolin, plays Eric Marsh. The leader of the group. Eric is married to Amanda (played by Jennifer Connelly. I love this woman).

The movie starts with the group of firefighters who are trying to work their group to the rank of Hotshot. Hotshots are the firefighters who go to the front line in order to fight the wild fires.

We are slowly introduced to the other members of the team. Some get a bit more of a background story than others. One of them being Brendan a.k.a as Donut.

“They call me donut, because I do nut want to be here…”

Donut is a new father to be, after receiving a text from a girl that she is pregnant, he is not at all happy with this but he his willing to take responsibility for his actions. Alas the girl turns his offer down and then after getting into jail for stealing a car radio, Brendan’s mom kicks him out of the house.

So Brendan decides on doing what is best and that is getting clean from drugs and getting a job. A few months later he goes down to the firefighting station of Eric Marsh to apply for a position on his crew. A bit reluctant at first Eric gives him a chance. A rather unfit Brendan undergoes training but he eventually makes the team.

The crew gets the opportunity to audition for a position as a Hotshot crew and they pass. The team celebrates by throwing a big party with all the crew’s families.

A couple of weeks later Amanda gets into a car accident, she survives but we learn that the relationship between her and Eric isn’t all sunshine and butterflies. Amanda has a change of heart regarding the “having children” subject on which Eric still has firm “No” answer towards. Its then also revealed the two have a history of addiction, this being main reason why Eric doesn’t want to have children and why he cares so much for Brendan.

“At least he has a killing stache…rawrrr”

Brendan on the other hand is developing a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and his daughter. So much he is thinking about quitting the team because he is afraid of the high risks of dying whilst on the job.

The crew gets a call about a huge fire taking place in Yarnell and things get pretty ugly from there on…

“If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!”

I’ll steer clear of the rest of the plot from here on, but I have to say this movie was beautiful. I don’t know how much of the true story the movie stuck to, but it was so gripping and emotional.

I really enjoyed this movie and if you love true stories this is one for you. The cast is great, the story is great and the way it waa shot with the fires and the technicalities… I can only say this movie deserves a high rating.


Therefore… I rate this movie a 8.5 out of 10. Really beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, take care and I’ll see you next time!

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One week hiatus

Hello readers and friends,

I’m going to take a one week hiatus from the blog.

I lost my grandmother yesterday.

I went over to visit her to say my goodbye as doctors said she wouldn’t make it till Monday.

She quietly stopped breathing and left this world when my dad and I were alone in the room with her. We didn’t notice it at first….meaning she left quietly and a bit unexpected. But with the pain and dementia she had for a long time, it was also a blessing to see her go.

She was 94 years old.

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The subtle art of not giving a F*ck(ing Mark Ronson)

“Self-help gurus ignore this deeper level of selfawareness as well. They take people who are miserable because they want to be rich and then give them all sorts of advice on how to make more money.” -Mark Ronson-

Mark you devil you… you’re only in this for the money. Oh well, like the author of Fifty Shades of Grey (Which is not a book…I have to say this once again), I hope you are pleased with yourself. Another point proven that these days everyone with a broad enough social media following can write a “book”.

This man understands it.

This book was like a rollercoaster. It started good, then it went downhill. It went up again…and then down.

Certain examples used in this book should have been left out. The whole example on Hiroo Onada left a bitter taste in my mouth. I understand the “point” Mark was trying to make but the example was just wrong and the way he described Hiroo’s way of thinking and being loyal to the Empire (basically Mark states that this was a dumb thing), was really disrespectful in my eyes. I am sorry Mark, but if you don’t understand or have been raised in a different culture….don’t have such an opinion about it.

Mark makes some pretty good and valid points, a few I vouch for having experienced them myself. At other times Mark completely misses the nail with his hammer and sometimes describe things in a way only meant (in my opinion) to attract an audience instead of being truthful.

The rock star examples are really well explained and he talks about this with far more respect than the World War II example and the lying feminist.

Seeing as this is Mark’s first book, I hope he writes the next one a bit more different. Less blog style and a bit less vulgar.

In one segment (example) he writes about a woman called Erin. A woman who has basically stalked him for a long time and he is having dinner with her and his wife. He writes about this Erin woman, as if he is annoyed and repulsed by her behaviour towards him and his wife.
She said during dinner: I want your wife to be there, so she knows I am willing to share you and she should not be jealous of me.

… but he allows it to continue. He doesn’t stop this toxic behaviour. I for one would like to know why Mark allows this woman to interfere with his life and even goes out to dinner with her. I’m sorry, Mark Ronson, at this point you were contradicting yourself too much on your own self help guidance book. Don’t claim you think she is crazy and that you don’t like when you allow it to go on.

Overall I do believe this book has a lot of strong points and people who struggle with themselves. People who are afraid to stop and drop everything they are doing in order to go after something that will make them happy. Instead of staying where they are and feeling miserable about it (its not easy and you don’t do this stuff overnight. you think it through, you try to plan it out, and then you need the courage to do it).

This book gets a 2 out of 5 star rating from me. Even though the best chapters in my opinion were chapters 1 till 3 and 7 & 8.

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The Shape of Water (2017) (spoiler free)

When upon hearing the name of Guillermo del Toro a couple of films pop to mind;

  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Hellboy
  • Crimson peak

To me this is a man who creates movies which are abstract, creative and edgy.

Usually fantasy or sci-fi with a dash of drama/romance in the story (apart from Hellboy which contained a lot of action too).

In 2017 Guillermo brought a new movie to the big screen and the movie got a lot of attention even before it hit the theaters.

Featuring Sally Hawkings as Elisa Esposito, Doug Jones as the Amphibian man and many more. A movie about romance, drama and fantasy;

The shape of water

The movie takes place in the 1960s during the Cold war , a time where cadillacs roamed the highways, coloured people were still fighting for their rights and basically everything and everyone who wasn’t white, straight or religious could jump off a cliff (damn you 60s with your awesome fashion sense but very ridiculous hairstyles).

Elisa is a mute, meaning she can’t speak but is not deaf. She works as a cleaning lady at a secret government laboratory. She is a woman of routine which she follows every day.

She wakes up, runs a bath, puts eggs in water for breakfast, sets a timer for the eggs, climbs into the niw full bathtub and starts to masturbate (oh yes the movie does indeed)…

She eats breakfast and makes lunch, polishes her shoes, goes to her neighbour (with whom she shares a special bond) and gives him his breakfast before leaving the house and taking the bus to work.

One day at the lab a new project comes in. Elisa and her friend Zelda are cleaning the area where the object of said project is rolled in.

Inside this waterfilled tank is a creature from the depths of South-America, an aquatic creature worshipped as a God by the locals. The American government is using the creature as an experiment to find ways to improve their space program (as they are competing over this with the Russians).

The project is led by Colonel Richard Strickland, who captured the creature in the Amazon. Strickland is obsessed, power hungry and dominant (basically every good quality a man should have *vomit noises*). He is determines to uncover the secrets within the aquatic creature.

Happiness is a choice!

Elsa visits the creature every day and soon forms a close bond with the creature. She brings him food (eggs) and even brings a recordplayer with her so they can listen to music together.

“Play that funky music right, yaaaa”

Of course Elisa’s bond with the creature is growing stronger as days go by and with Colonel Strickland’s upcoming plans to seriously hurt (kill) the creature, Elisa comes up with a plan to save the man (fish) she has come to care for.

*cue Disney song* “Someday I’ll be….part of your wooorrllddd”

If you want to know the ending, you will have you watch it for yourself. Remember it is a Guillermo movie, he won’t shy away from shocking you. Do not expect any Hollywood sugar coating from this man.

“Want to know what I think of this movie?”

The verdict.

I enjoyed this movie. There is a lot of romance and drama involved and the fantasy aspect is woven into the story as if it belongs there.

Overall the movie is really well done, down to the make-up job on Doug Jones (who we all know from starring in Hellboy and Star trek Discovery), to the music and the storyline.

I rate this movie a 7.5 out 10

Hope you all enjoyed this review, take care and I will see you next time!

(Last note, no real life cats were hurt in this movie).


The Tick, 2nd half of season 1

He’s blue

He’s big

He’s back!

Last year I wrote a review on the first half of season 1 of Amazon’s prime series ‘the Tick’.

Now its time for the second half of that season. On February 23rd our big blue friend was back on screen.

I really enjoyed the first half of season 1, the jokes, the storyline, the casting… I thought they did a really good job and I could only hope things would still be as good during the last half of the season.

“Dear lord, let it be good.”

The whole gang is still here. Arthur, the Tick and of course our main villian the Terror (brilliant acting job by Jackie Earle Haley).

Overkill, Dottie (Arthur’s sister), Superian, Miss Lint and let’s not forget the true hero of the show….D-d-dangerboat!

I love this boat. Voiced by Alan Tundyk (Wash from Firefly, Sonny from I, Robot, etc).

The show continues with Arthur and the Tick trying to find the Terror. But at the end of the last episode, Arthur was kidnapped (by the Terror). Its up to the Tick to find and rescue his buddy! With the help of Dottie and Overkill they manage to find Arthur and the scientist who created Arthur’s suit.

Arthur now truly knows (having seen him in the flesh) that the Terror is still alive! Its up to him to make this known to the world.

The Terror already has his own plan on making his grand way back into the world, feeling no need to stay into hiding but not before he gets rid of Superian.

The episodes focus mainly on the Terror preparing everything for his big bang entrance whilst the Tick and the gang try to stop his evil plot on how to get rid of Superian.

“Everyone and everything is a suspect!”

The big question obviously is, is this series worth a watch?

The answer; YES!

Next question, is the second half of season 1 as good as the first?

The answer; …I wish it was.

Listen, these few episodes were not bad. The storyline was a bit…meh. The cast was still as brilliant, they really did a fantastic job with this. The humor wasn’t has funny as last year’s episodes…it wasn’t as ‘squirt milk out of my nose’ funny this time.

One thing which really irritated me this time was the screentime of the Tick vs. Arthur. Compared to last year, the show now should have been called Arthur and the Tick…not the Tick.

There are also a couple of love stories developing on the sideline. Dot and Overkill, Dangerboat and Arthur.

Yup, the boat has a crush on Arthur (one sided, Arthur has no idea) and Dangerboat even discusses it with the Tick (who has no clue what the boat means when asked; “do you think a boat can be…homosexual?”)

Which I believe it totally can.

Other than that it conpletely focusses on superheroes trying to stop super villains.

To conclude!

Season 1 was a good season though I wish they hadn’t split it into 2 halves…there was no need for it in my opinion.


I really enjoyed it. The jokes were good (even some in the 2nd half of the season) and the cast really is what makes this series great!

Season 2 is planned for 2019 and I can’t wait to see what they will make of it.

I rate this series overall an 8 out of 10 and the last half of season one a 7 put of 10.

Hope you enjoyed this review, take care and until next time!

“You hear that, Chum? There’s going to be a season 2!….NEAT!”
Movie Reviews

Marrowbone (2017) (spoiler free)

When I saw the title of this film my first thought was, a! …I bet this is a creepy movie!

And boy…was I right!

I love scary movies with a dash of thriller (no not the song) and some psychological aspect.

This movie had it all, though most of the horror aspects of this film were only jumpscares and use of sinister background music.

So if you’re ready to dive into a thriller horror movie review…sit down and enjoy the ride.

The movie is actually called; El secreto de Marrowbone.

As you can guess by reading the original title, the movie is of Spanish origin. Yet the cast as well as the language in the film is English.

So why would a Spanish film director have an all Spanish crew? But an all English cast?

Truth be told, I don’t know. Perhaps to draw in a larger audience? It doens’t matter, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

The plot

The movie is about a 4 sibling. Jack, Billy, Jane and Sam, who move with theor mother into the house where she grew up. The family is in hiding from the father of the children, who has commited a series of crimes and has now been trialed in court and found guilty.

The mother wants to start a new life, so they take on the name Marrowbone, her maiden name. For a while everything seems fine and the children make a new friend, Allie. A young woman who lives near them.

But all is not well and soon the mother dies of an illness. Jack is the oldest of the siblings, but he is not yet 21 years old. Meaning if the community finds out the children are motherless they could be seperated and placed into foster homes.

Therefore the children stick to their mother’s final wish, which is to stay hidden from the world until Jack turns 21. They hide away, even from Allie.

“Shout, shout! Let it all out!”

The movie turns into a thriller from here. A figure appears at the edge of the forest and fires its gun at the house. The bullet shoots through a window, missing Jane only by a few inches. She screams for Jack who drops his pen, as he was in the midst of writing in his journal, and comes to her aid.

What happens next to them, none of us know…..The screen goes dark and we only hear a few noises.

A new scene comes up and we see all 4 siblings alive. Whatever happened and whoever this person was, we don’t know.

Its 6 months later and the house has become haunted by a ghost. Thinking the ghost uses mirrors for traveling, the siblings hide, break and cover mirrors up throughout the entire house.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

But the ghost is persistent and the children can’t seem to get any peace in their house. Jack only has 5 months to go until he is 21 but will they survive the torments of the ghost and other problems that arise?

Those damn raccoons!

The movie gets a few plot twists and to me they were done so brilliantly that it took me a while to realize what the heck was going on and where this movie was heading to.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while…you know how much I love it if a movie can keep me from guessing and understanding the actual plot!

The question you keep asking yourself during this movie is, what is this ghost? Is it a ghost? Who was that man? What is that weird bump Jack suddenly has on his forehead? And whats with the dolls who resemble all the siblings?

Family photo time

Strong points

  1. The storyline
  2. The cast
  3. The plot twists
  4. The psycho element
  5. Making great use of a well-known story formula and turning it into something brilliant and refreshing.

Weak point


Oh that does sound dull, doesn’t it?

But I saw no horrible flaws with this film and I am very critical. I just thought this movie was so well done… I don’t understand the low score on rottentomatoes or on IMDB.

(And no I did not pick this film because Stranger Things, Charlie Heaton is in this film).

If you love movie that keep you on your toes and make you think, watch i!

I give this movie a 9 out of 10

Thanks for reading, take care and until next time!