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Tale as old as time

fables 1

In 2013 Telltale Games released an interactive adventure graphic mode game called “The Wold Among Us“, based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series.

The game interested me and even though sadly I never got around to actually playing it, I watched a couple of episodes of it being played online. It wasn’t until a year later I found out that the games was based on a comic book series (my bad…).

Still that did not persuade into buying the comic book. But now another few years later I walked into a comic book store where the first volume of the Fables series caught my eye. I then did not buy the book in the store. I went online first to do a little research where I found out that this series already existed since 2002 and there were many volumes…

More research followed until I decided enough was enough…So I bought the first 6 volume books of the Fables comic book series.

It took almost a month for them to arrive (ironically volume 6 arrived first). Yesterday (May 12th) the other 5 volumes arrived and I started reading the first volume immediately.

Warning! Minor spoilers ahead.

Fables has everything Disney left out. Sex, blood, marital issues, torture…you name it.

The story starts with a murder case and it is up to the big bad wolf (Bigby Wolf) to solve the case. Bigby, the cigarette smoking (yuck), trenchcoat wearing detective is ready to solve the crime along with deputy mayor Snow White.

Snow White, who seems to be a combination of the Snow White from Snow White and the seven dwarves and Snow White from Snow White and Rose Red (who is the murdered/missing victim in this story).

Throughout this murder solving story we meet several other characters:

Jack: from Jack and the Beanstalk, the current boyfriend of Rose Red.

Bluebeard: also Rose Red her current boyfriend/betrothed.

Beauty and the Beast: married, although not always happily, but what do you expect after a thousand years of marriage?

Prince Charming: Who is not charming. More of a creep….

Cinderella: although she only makes a short appearance.

Pinocchio: Who is pissed off with the Blue Fairy who changed him into a real boy….which he still is after centuries. Puberty still hasn’t kicked in.

Colin: One of the three little pigs. Tends to crash on Bigby’s couch, which is quite ironic as it was Bigby who blew all of their houses down…

These are just a few of the character who we meet during the first volume. After a whole lot of hoopla, murder solving, meeting characters and other stories, Bigby saves the day and Fable town can go on through another day.

The comic was lots of fun to read, nicely drawn (very old school) and the story kept me thirsty for more.











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