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Old MacDonald had a farm….

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Speaking of a head….

Remember Colin? The little pig who build his house out of straw?

He lost his….

And that is how we begin the 2nd volume of the Fables comic book series.


Snow and Red head up North to the farm. This is place wear all non human looking fables live (with a few exceptions). Snow and Red are not alone, they bring Colin with them (one of the three little pigs who crashes in Bigby’s apartment every now and then). Snow and Red notice they are not really welcome at the Farm…and neither is Colin.

Dun and Posey (the other two pigs of the three little pigs) ask Colin if he managed to recruit others for ‘the animal cause’. Colin admits to have failed what he was send out for and so….. they behead him and place his head upon a pole. Colin’s bleeding and tear stained head is purposely placed in front of the building where Red and Snow are staying.

What a nice way to begin the next volume… a beheaded pig. So who is the mastermind behind this? None other than Miss Goldilocks.


That young innocent girl who accidentally went into the house of the three bears (father bear, mother bear, baby bear). Only now she isn’t young, nor innocent….and I should mention she sleeps (fucks) with baby bear, who is no longer a baby…nor human. Bestiality anyone?

Red is convinced by Posey (not really but she pretends to be) to stand up for the animals to Snow and work for their cause. Red warns Snow (through vague hints) and Snow manages to escape together with Reynard the Fox.

Goldilocks along with the animals from Jungle Book and the three bears go after Reynard (and Snow) in order to capture *coughKILLcough* them.

Sher Khan manages to find Snow but dies in the process because Snow shoots him into pieces. She manages to escape and find Weyland Smith (who was the administator of the farm) until the animals (really Goldilocks…) captured him, locked him up a mountain where he is forced to create weapons for their army.

Meanwhile back in New York City (Fabletown) Boy Blue realizes not all is well at the farm and he heads out along with a few others to rescue Red and Snow.

Snow gets captured by Goldilocks and Red (who still pretends to be an animal activist) and locked up together with Weyland. Luckily they escape, find a couple of giants and a dragon.

Shit goes down, Snow gets shot in her head… she survives because killing Snow White is not done in the world of Fables. She gets saved, the animals are punished, Dun and Posey get beheaded as they did to poor Colin (seriously whats with all the blood…).

Volume 2 was intense. I am really enjoying the Fables comic book series. I really recommend it!



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