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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?


The third volume starts of with a story about Jack Horner from Jack and the beanstalk, about how he fought in the American Civil War, cheated the devil with a card game which resulted in winning a magical sack. This sack (bag o’bones) can capture anything inside it, no matter the size or weight. Jack finds an estate, at first the estate seems deserted but then Jack finds a woman upstairs in bed who is unable to move and only a few hours away of dying due to a disease. Jack (having not had sex in a long time…as he puts it; “no real sex, they were just hookers”.) tries to persuade the beautiful woman in making love with him only she doesn’t want to as she intends to die a virgin. Jack learns that the woman does not really want to die. Later that night Death visits the estate, coming for the woman. Jack shows up and uses his magical sack to capture Death with it and now the woman is more than willingly to give Jack what he wants.

But capturing Death has a side-effect. As Death is gone, no one can die. Jack ends up releasing Death who on his turn gives the woman another year to live. What happens next is as of now still unknown.

The next part of the story takes us back to the current timeline. We meet Sleeping Beauty better known as Briar Rose who also happens to be Prince Charming’s second wife (Cinderella was his third). As in the story Briar is still haunted by the curse, every time she pricks her finger she falls asleep, as does everyone who happens to be around her or even in the same building. Another nice effect is the then rapid growth of thorn vines plus Briar can’t be woken up unless given a true love’s kiss (a form of true love, which does not always have to be romantic). In this story we also meet most of our favourite characters again plus a Mundy (non fable human) who knows about the Fables only he thinks they are vampires.

The next story we meet Bluebeard who is making up a plan to kill Snow and Bigby. As it turns out this plan involves Goldilocks (Who I really dislike…) who also happens to be Bluebeards new bed partner, even though she’d rather be screwing his help who happens to be a big ass goblin.

Snow and Bigy are put under a spell which makes them like each other incredibly. They go off on a camping trip together and it isn’t until a couple of days later when they snap out of their spell and realize they are in big trouble.

I won’t go in much detail but one of my least favourite characters gets killed (at least I hope that is what happened). and a certain someone is knocked up.

Volume three was good. The story of volume 2 was, in my eyes, written better but this one had less blood.


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