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Hey Baba!

fables 4

How many pages are there in this issue? A lot more then I thought there would be….

We go back to the past, more specifically the past of Boy Blue and how he and Little Miss Red Riding Hood met up, fell in love and then lost each other in the war.

During this war we also see glimpses of Robert of Locksley (hello Green Arrow look-a-like!) and the other band of merry men.

All hell breaks loose, people die (no pigs beheaded this time) and we are back to the current century with Boy Blue.


Why miss, what flaming red hair you have…

Miss, what beautiful porcelain skin you have….

It’s Miss Red Riding Hood back from the dead. This over dramatic damsel captures the heart of all in Fabletown, for she came back from the old lands where no one doth returns from….

But her return is bad news. Soon wooden men start appearing and cause havoc all around town. Killing people, beating people up…. who could be doing this?

They claim to do it in the name of ‘the Emperor’. For now we don’t know who this person is…. but they work for one of the Emperor’s henchman….

Baba Yaga….

And boy is she pretty….

Why miss, what flaming red hair you have…. (spoiler)

I won’t tell you more. But the story ends with another battle, multiple deaths and a display of public affection between Snow and Bigby.




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