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The mean seasons

After the horrible fight that went down between Frau Tottenheim and Baba Yaga, Fabletown is finally taking a break from it all.

You’d think…

Snow (with her big belly) is ready to deliver…. her children. Plural? Yup! 6 babies in total. The first born is a healthy baby…human. The rest not so much (but wait there is more!)

Anyhow since the children are in fact part animal (as in most of them look like furry wolf humanoid babies) Snow has to move up to the farm. Bigby is forbidden to go here, ergo he can’t see his children grow up and Snow refused to leave with him to the woods (that is no place to raise a child…6 of them).

Bigby leaves town to where ever… we don’t know yet, and Snow moves to the animal farm (remember Fables 2?)

Beauty and the Beast take over their jobs in Fabletown (snow was the deputy mayor and bigby the sheriff). Meanwhile Beast is busy trying to get the witches to come up with a potion so he can transform to his beast form at free will…instead of when Beauty has one of her drama queen anger breakdowns.

Meanwhile at the farm Snow and Bigby’s children are growing up fast. Their grandfather comes along (Bigby’s dad a.k.a God of the North). Also the floating pig head of Colin comes along…gotta love the decapitated pig heads… predicting that trouble is still ahead (a head… get it?)

A few days since Mr North’s arrival and animals start dying (murdered). Mr. North claims it to be down by a wind spirit…person. someone who feeds on air (preferably living air of persons and animals) which if not done correctly ends up killing the person one is stealing/eating air from.

Turns out the culprit is (spoiler)

Snow and Bigby’s child number 7. Yup not 6 but 7 children. Only this one is invisible the northern wind. Snow tells her invisible child to stop eating living air and go out to find Bigbh for help and advice. As staying at the farm would end up being a bad idea.

More happens in the comic, regarding prince Charming. Boy Blue. Flycatcher etc. But I caref more fore the snow and bigby’s flying wolf children (I guess I forgot to mention the little tykes can fly :p ).

So far the series hasn’t bored me yet l. Let’s hope volume 6 can keep it that way! 


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