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Transformers (2007)


Stepping aside from the cartoon series and into the Transformers “real life” action movie series. Not because I have to, but because I feel the need to share my opinion about these….adaptations of a great toy franchise.



Not to hate on Michael Bay (I mean I loved Armageddon, which not a lot of people seem to like 😦 ) but …sigh…. the Transformer movie. It’s not the worst one out of the bunch (that being said I still have to see Transformers: the last knight) but for goodness sake, Michael!

It’s not just Michael…even the cast. I mean Shia LaBeouf (which is only 1 letter miss-spelled for the French word for meat…) and Megan Fox (I did not like her character in this movie, but that might not be her fault….looking at you scriptwriter). Not that the acting was ‘meh’ but the characters they were portraying….who wrote this script? Who pre read the dialogues…. How Sam got to be the hero for the Transformers is just *mind blown*.

Does that mean I hate the movie? No…. I just don’t agree with certain aspects.

The movie is suppose to be the first one in a series. The Autobots and Decepticons are introduced, the story is not completely loyal to the original TV series but maybe that is because of copyright issues? So for a first film, it was quite alright.


  • Peter Cullen (THE voice of Optimus Prime)
  • Visual effects.


  • Some of the dialogue scene
  • The main human characters
  • The Decepticons…. I mean some of the Autobots resembled the TV Series look okay…ish. But the Decepticons…. I mean… No Michael!!!

To conclude, this movie was fine. It is definitely worth at least watching more than once.

The next movies in line …ready yourselves!


2 thoughts on “Transformers (2007)

  1. Haha, well as far as this movie series goes it was not bad….for a first installment. In my opinion it goes downhill from here, but then again for some strange reason I still enjoy watching them anyway. It’s some kind of weird spell that Bay seems to be able to weave or something like that. Great post, looking forward to the next one 😀

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  2. I must admit, I found the live action films to be … difficult. I wanted to like them, but they just don’t feel right to me. The CG TV series, Transformers Prime, does a far better job in my eyes.

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