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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

I could start of with another Michael Bay bash meme….but I won’t. Once was enough (plus some movies do all the bashing for us). Time for another review on a Transformer movie, this time it is the second life action movie; Revenge of the Fallen.


Back in 17.000 BC Transformers roamed the Earth. It wasn’t 2005 (as the cartoon movie indicated) no, it was before we started actually counting centuries…

Two years after the last movie, the Autobots are part of a team called NEST and it is their job to get rid of any Decepticon still left on Earth. They follow two Decepticons: Sideways and Demolisher (a big ass transformer whose only job seems to be….you guessed it, demolish stuff). The Autobot Sideswipe kills Sideways (nice word jumble there) and Optimus Prime gets rid of Demolisher.

In the meantime Sam goes to college and we all know what that means….


Anyhow this means he will be away from his girlfriend Mikaela and will have to behave like a good college boy. But Sam is incapable of saying the L word to his girlfriend and she gets frustrated (which is true…most women will get frustrated if you never say the L word. Even if they say they don’t care…you’re in big trouble).

Before leaving the house Sam drops a piece of Allspark and all of the kitchen appliances come alive! Magical shard is magical, though they all behave rudely…like Gremlins.

Soundwave makes an appearance and I must say that letting him transform into a satellite is a pretty nice touch (even though I prefer Soundwave the way he is suppose to be and his cartoon voice will always be my favourite voice).

The whole dropping Sam off at college scene and all of the other college scene is just… sigh…Michael Bay….why?

But in this movie Sam is again a key character…for he has the key to get to the energy source which Megatron needs.

I could go on and on how much the character of Sam annoys me…or the fact that Transformers also have the ability to transforms into humans as can be seen when Sam is being seduced by a girl (suck my popsicle) when she reveals herself to be a transformer (Terminator anyone? No? okay).

I don’t even want to review this movie anymore. There is so much wrong with it. There are loads of moments in the movie when impossible things happen…like falling down from way up high inside a car which then lands on concrete, nose down, deploys airbags and no one is dead or broken…

No Michael, bad Michael.

Upside to this movie:

  • Soundwave
  • Peter Cullen
  • The chickens in the desert



  • Jetfire. Jetfire (or skyfire as I know him by) is my favourite autobot….so I was very very disappointed seeing him the way Michael Bay portrayed him in the movie
  • The cast….except for Simmons.
  • The script.
  • Those two retarded twin robots.

Basically just watch the movie once and be done with it. The first one is still the better one so far…. onto Transformers: Dark of the Moon.










One thought on “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

  1. The Michael Bay series of Transformers films has a lot to answer for, and this movie was where it started to go down hill. Which is a shame. I agree it was good to see Soundwave, voiced by Frank Welker (the original SOundwave, and Megatron and most of the original decepticons for that matter if you didn’t know). I liked seeing Ravage onscreen. That was pretty cool. In the finale with SPike and Mikaela fleeing the decepticons before the entire US War machine showed up, they did a good job of making the decepticons scary. But there were too many stupid lowest common denominator jokes, such as Jetfire and the Twins as you noted in there which really irritated. Simmons was funny, and I think there was one other joke I really liked – when Sam was at the Frat party and he starts talking about finding the jock a tighter sweater. That was just funny. The rest was stupid. Great post, thanks for sharing

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