The Tick (TV series 2017)

HA HA HA, I am the Tick!

In 1994 children were introduced to a new superhero. He’s big, he’s blue…he is… the Tick!


Then in 2001 FOX launched a real-life action tv series of the Tick which only aired 9 episodes. Due to not enough promotion of the series it got cancelled pretty quickly.

So this year Amazon Prime exclusively came with a new real-life action tv series of the Tick, at the moment only the first 6 episodes are available of the intended 12. When the last 6 episodes will be aired is so fa unclear to me as I can find no information anywhere about this.

We basically binged watched the first 6 episodes of the Tick and I have to admit I laughed my butt off on several occasions.

The actors, the story, the dialogue…where do I begin?

In the show we are first introduced to Arthur. Arthur works a 9 till 5 job and lives in a small sized apartment. He has a mother, a sister (Dot) and a stepfather. Ever since Arthur was a young boy he adored superheroes, in this story the superheroes he adores are also the main reason his father died. Arthur’s father’s death was caused by the spaceship of said superheroes crashing right on top of his head, this incident was because of the villain known as ‘the Terror’. Arthur survived his encounter with ‘the Terror’ and even though in the end the villain was supposedly killed by the superhero Surperian, Arthur believes the Terror is still alive. So Arthur spends most of his time searching for clues to proof Terror isn’t really dead.

Spying on the bad guys with super tech (a.k.a stuff Arthur bought from Ebay).

Arthur meets the Tick by accident. Arthur doesn’t want to fight off the bad guys and no matter what he says the Tick all misinterprets this. In the end Arthur ends up with this ‘Moth’ looking costume (that comes with an Ukrainian manual) which he cannot control.

Throughout the episodes we meet more characters such as Overkill (a villain/hero who has a talking boat called Dangerboat, which made me think of Kitt from Knightrider), Miss Lint (the Terror’s second in command) and Ramses (another villain in charge during the absence of the Terror).

They call me Lint, Miss Lint.

As predicted Arthur is spot on with him believing the Terror is still alive. Because of this Arthur does not give up his suit when he is offered an opportunity to give it back to Miss Lint. Against the Tick’s will, the two superheroes team up with Overkill in order to find the Terror. Together Arthur and the Tick fight crime when necessary and saving civilians in the process. The Tick also suffers from memory loss, meaning he has no idea who he is (aside from that he is THE TICK!) or where he is from. Arthur promises to help the Tick regain his unknown identity.  The last episode ends with a cliffhanger where Arthur get’s kidnapped.

Upside to this series:

  • The jokes
  • The one-liners
  • The dialogue
  • The incredible great casting of all the characters

Honestly I can’t stress enough how brilliant the casting of this crew is. The Tick played by Peter Serafinowicz has the best voice for portraying the Tick and of course the great Jackie Earle Haley as the Terror. 

Downside of this series:

Honestly the only downside for me at the moment is the fact that I can’t find any information on when the last 6 episode will air. Other than that the show is incredibly funny and they did such a good job on this series. I really hope they won’t cancel it, at least not before airing the last episodes of the 1st season.

I rate this TV series a 9 out of 10


One thought on “The Tick (TV series 2017)

  1. I haven’t checked this new rendition of the Tick out…. I don’t know if my heart can take it any more. Every time I get hooked on a new version they take it away from me!! I think I may have to wait and make sure this one is good (which sounds like it is!) and goes somewhere before I have to cry myself to sleep again! 😉

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