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Batman, Gotham by Gaslight.

When it comes to the DC universe my favourite character is Batman (very uncommon…I know ;).

Growing up I saw all the Batman movies and watched all of the animated series (including Batman beyond).

A few days ago we were browsing the internet for movies when we spotted this one, “Batman, Gotham by Gaslight”.

Set in the Victorian age, telling the tale of the notorious ‘Jack the Ripper’. It includes most of the Batman castmembers but their roles are not as you would expect.

“You wouldn’t hurt little ol’ me, would ya?”

Well known villains die early on. Some villains are good guys and some good guys are villians.

Its pretty gruesome for a Batman animated movie considering all the blood, stabbing and mentioning of whores and hookers, compared to what we are used to from seeing in the tv series.

“Killing is not my style.”

Nonetheless the plot is well written, not at all predictable at some points (which I love).

A must see (not a must buy perse) if you are a Batman fan.

Good points:

  1. Plot
  2. Interesting use of original characters
  3. Voiceacting
  4. Atomosphere

Bad points:

  1. Art style

All in all a pretty good animated film. I give it a 7.5 out of 10


3 thoughts on “Batman, Gotham by Gaslight.

  1. Batman? Who is that? Never heard of him 🤔🤔🤔
    Seriously though, this sounds like a very interesting take on the character, and honestly I did not even see this was out. Nor had I even heard of it. So…very cool, and of course great review. As for gruesome…there is another one that is pretty gruesome too. Have you seen ” The Killing Joke? ” You can find my review for it right here. But that one is seriously dark too:

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    1. I bought the comic last year as a gift for you know who :p we both read it and liked it, haven’t seen the movie version yet, (we have it on the computer though) but I have read some mixed reviews about it. So I am very curious 🙂

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      1. The comic is regarded as one of the best stories of Batman. As I haven’t yet read it, I can’t say how well the movie holds up. But I liked it quite a bit. It was very different from the other animated features 😊

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