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Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

Another day, another Batman animated movie. This time we went for Under the Red Hood from 2010.

This story takes place in Gotham and most of our favourite Batman cast is present.

Batman, the Joker, Black Mask, Ra’s al Ghul, Robin (Jason), Nightwing and a few others.

The movie starts with one of the main cast members dying. A great way to start a film is by killing someone well-known of the Batman crew.

The movie then fast forwards to 5 years later and Gotham city is (as always) under threat of criminals controlling the scene.

Currently a man called Spider,-…. Deadp,-……. wait… yes, Red Hood!! is trying to take over Gotham by keeping other criminals in check so drugleaders can go around making profit, giving 40% of it to Red Hood.

Soon Batman finds himself battling Red Hood, Black mask and Joker.

But Spiderm,-…… Red Hood worries him the most. Red Hood is always a step ahead. He is able to fight off every move Batman makes.

We get multiple flashbacks of Batman meeting the 2nd Robin (Jason), taking care of him and fighting crime with him. Having died at the hands of the Joker 5 years earlier, Batman starts to wonder if Boy Wonder…is really dead?

After Red Hood explicity calls Batman by his alias name Bruce, his suspicion is almost confirmed and Batman leaves for the mountains to meet Ra’s al Ghul. Him being the main reason Joker waa able to murder Jason 5 years ago.

Ra’s confesses of bringing Jason back to life with the use of the Lazarus Pit. Batman knows enough and he travels back to Gotham to confront Red Hood.

Black mask in the meantime let the Joker out of Arkham Asylum as to help him with destroying Red Hood.

Joker of course works for no one except himself. Soon Black Mask finds himself at the short end of the stick. Some fuel and a matchstick that is…

All ends well for Black Mask. Red Hood and Batman have a face off in which they both at one point take their masks off. The Red Hood is Jason, as Batman suspected.

The Joker, Batman and Red Hood then stand face to face in an apartment. Discussion are held, threats are made. The Joker is beat up pretty badly thanks to Jason who only has revenge on his mind.

Jason gives Batman a choice. Kill the Joker or kill him. Batman refuses. A short scene follows where everyone loses and Jason sets of a time bomb. The apartment explodes leaving only the Joker and Batman alive (which is all we know for now).

Joker goes back to Arkham Asylum. Black mask gets arrested and Jason … is gone. Dead or alive?

This movie was pretty great. Good story, interesting cast. Only downside…and this is just me. The Joker’s voice actor… was not Mark Hamill. 😦

I give this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

One note….

The bathroom fight scene in the apartment. Did this room have a door at any point??? Or was it just 4 walls and one window?

…..second note.

Spidermand…Deadpool, Red Hood? Who came first…Marvel or DC…


One thought on “Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

  1. Well…I heard that Deadpool was a character that was based on DC’s deathstroke…pretty much to make fun of that character 😂😂
    This film sounds pretty cool by the way….haven’t seen a lot of the DC animated films yet. Arkham Asylum was pretty good as well 😊😊 Great post !

    Liked by 1 person

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