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IT (2017) (no spoilers)

When I was little I collected clowns. Statues, figurines, stickers even dolls, you name it.

Over the years I lost my collection gradually. Moving every 2 to 3 years was the main reason. But though I may have lost them, I haven’t (completely) lost my fondness of clowns.

About a decade ago I saw Stephen King’s IT miniseries for the first time and I loved it even though I thought the ending was utterly ridiculous.

5 years ago I ordered the book IT. This book was huge. So many pages, so many storylines and the characters were more described and explained in detail compared to the miniseries. It also caused me to get a bit annoyed with Stephen King and how he tends to write about a gazillion different characters, causing me to get confused and mixing people up (still a brilliant author though).

Then the news came that the miniseries was being rebooted. As a movie and would be released in 2017.

I got so excited and was also a bit skeptical because who could replace Tim Curry as Pennywise?

The trailer came out and I liked it a lot! Still Pennywise did not look one bit like the 1990 Pennywise.

But that was okay. I wasn’t bothered by it. Plus this movie would be told only from the children’s perspective. No adults in this movie adaptation (sequel anyone?)

Finally after a long wait we have finally seen the movie. I had very high expectations, which is always dangerous.

The most famous scene (in my opinion) is at the beginning when we see Georgie meeting Pennywise for the first time.

Most horror movies tend to keep the villian or bad guy a secret until halfway through or even until the very end. Even with JAWS we don’t see the shark immediately.

We meet Pennywise immediately. His evilness is obvious immediately. Most of us fear him immediately.

I’m not suppose to talk to strangers…

Georgie is afraid and as well he should be. Pennywise in this adaptation is brillianty cast. His voice (very different than Tim Curry hit it works) and his whole demeanor is perfectly creepy.

Would you like a balloon?

This entire scene of meeting Pennywise is my favourite. And in my opinion it is also the scene most true to Pennywise’s creepiness. After that he is creepy no doubt, this Pennywise scared me more than the 1990 one. Loafs of scary moments. The way he moves, talks, turns into horrid faces and monsters. It scared me a lot.

But…. the first scene is and will always be the most menacing in my opinion.

Now the children;

Well done. Absolutely brilliant cast. These kids have a promising future as actors. All so talented. I can’t give them enough credit. Out of all of the characters I liked Eddie the most (I did not care for Eddie at all in the 1990 version). Jack Dylan Grazer did a great job in turning my least favourite character into my favourite.

Now to the actual movie plotline. I loved they decided on only using the children’s point of view in this film instead of mixing it with their adult version, as the 1990 series does.

The way Pennywise tries to frighten the children one by one is interesting in both film but in this one it freaked me out more.

Some moments were a bit weak. Like the way Mike Hanon fits into the story, this was better done in the 1990 version. I wished they had taken more time with him.

The parents of the children are all mean and bullies. Every single one of them. Maybe a bit of background or interaction with them would have been interesting.

Now for the ending. As a said, the ending of the 1990 version was a bit….blah.

The ending of this one wasn’t really …blah… but more like. Da Hell is this weird shit???

A tower of dead and floating bodies anyone?

So aside from the bizarre twist here and there. I liked the 2017 version. Is it my favourite? Well not yet…but maybe when the sequel comes out.

Still one of the most entertainig horror movies I have seen in a while and I do love me some horror movies but as always I can be very skeptical and nitpicky 😉 .

I give this movie an 8 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “IT (2017) (no spoilers)

  1. I have yet to see the new version, but I am going to rewatch the old version in the upcoming month. I loved your review for this one though! I have heard that this version isn’t as scary as the miniseries, but still has a great atmosphere to it. It amazes me at times how well some of these young children can act these days. It’s honestly astounding.
    Anyways: cool to see you writing some new posts again: awesomeness! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you got some enjoyment out of this one. The film had so much potential, IMO. I’ll be watching the eventual sequel when it comes out in the hopes that it improves on this one though.

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