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Batman. The Dark Knight returns part 1. (2012)

Hello Batman…. we meet again.

Lots of Batman films this week and here is another review for another Batman animated film!

This time we go to the future. Batman is old. Batman isn’t even fighting crime anymore and James Gordon is about to retire from the job. The Joker has lost all of his life spirit now that Batman is no longer fighting crime and Harvey Dent gets his former face back.

Yup, Mr. Dent is whole again! His face that is. They patched him up, shaven his head (hello Lex Luthor) and have sent Harvey back into town. Now that his face is normal his pschyche should be normal too right?

*buzzer sound* think again.

Time for Batman to put his cape back on…

Old Mr. Bruce Wayne needs to get back in shape in order to fight the upcomming crime in Gotham once again.

Brutal gangs named, “the mutants” are tearing the city apart and Batman does his best to fight them and other criminals off. But as stated, Batman grew old and he isn’t as fast and strong as he used to be.

Sure, his gadgets are helpful…very helpful, without them Batman sure would have kicked the bucket by now. He almost did but he gets saved last minute by Robin.

A girl Robin?

Meet Carrie Kelly, a gymnast (martial arts artist) who has been looking for Batman ever since he saved her from a group of mutants.


Had she not gone into that suspicious looking tunnel, we would not be dealing with her in the first place, but then Batman would have probably died later on….so HURRAY for courageous (dumb) red headed 13 year olds.

As the title indicates, this movie consists out of 2 parts.

The first part obviously meant as an introduction as to how Batman comes back from being absent for a decade. Why he comes back and who else will be part of the bigger picture.

We have Dent, a new Robin, a very sarcastic Alfred (but when isn’t he?), a retired Gordon and an old Batman. Oh but wait!

Someone is waking up from his living room plant state….

Part 1 of the Dark Knight returns gets a 6.5 out of 10 from me.

No… it’s not bad. I just liked the other animated movies better, which is why it gets a lower score. The story line is good, so if you haven’t seen it yet and are a Batman fan. Rent it, watch it online or buy it (though I wouldn’t go that far just yet…maybe after we have seen part 2).

Till next time!


One thought on “Batman. The Dark Knight returns part 1. (2012)

  1. I’m really enjoying these series of posts! They are awesome to read, and Batman is just very cool (he always will be). Plus I haven’t seen many of these. So I say. Keep them coming ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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