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Batman, the Dark Knight returns. Part 2 (2013)

And we are back with part 2!

Short recap of part 1:

After being absent for a decade, Batman returns to defeat a growing group of gangs called “the mutants”. Having become the old man he now is Batman eventually accepts help in the form of a 13 yeald girl called Carrie who has taken on the identity of sidekick Robin.

Batman defeats the leader of the mutants and the gangmembers change their allegiance to form a new gang called; “the Sons of Batman”. A vigilante (albeit still criminal) group.

Gordon retires after meeting Ellen Yindel. Who is extremely anti-Batman successor. In Arkham Asylum, the Joker wakes up after hearing televised reports about Batman.

Part 2

The Joker is planning his comeback. He tricks his doctor into taking him on a talkshow in order to show the world how much he regrets his past decision. A few strings are pulled and the Joker gets his wish. Before going on stage he gets in contact with a couple of his former henchmen who provide the Joker with a couple of gadgets of his own, including a mind controlling lipstick.

Meanwhile real world problems are happening. The USA and Russia are in conflict with one another, fighting over control over the island of Corto Maltese. The US government is also dealing with problems on their on grounds. Problems in the form of Batman and also Batman’s so called gang of vigilantes “the Sons of Batman”. The president sends Superman on the job to give Batman the news that they won’t tolerate his current actions no longer.

Is it a bird? No its Superman!

Can we talk about this scene for a moment? I mean… COME ON! I am very happy the writers/artists of this animated movie did not shy away from ridculing Superman. At least I hope that’s what they were doing because…. COME ON!!! *facepalm*

Superman and Batman talk about the past, the Justice League members are mentioned and after a long talk and the US governments warning, Superman flies off.

Batman of course cares not about the government or any form of warning.

Going back to the Joker and the talkshow. He shows no remorse whatsoever during the show and at one point kills his doctor on live television. Soon after a lethal gass is released, killing all of the guests and talkshow host.

After this the Joker gets out and pays a visit to none other than Selina Kyle. After making a rotten comment here and there regarding her age and weight… he leaves her tide up on her bed dressed in a Wonder Woman costume.

Batman comes to her aid and follows the Joker’s trail all the way to the fairgrounds where many people (including Robin’s friends) are having a great time.

Batman does everything he can to stop the Joker who has been going on a killing spree with a handgun. The two men end up in the tunnel of Love.

Joker, severely wounded and with a batarang stuck in his left eye, laughs everything off knowing very well the Batman does not kill people. Batman however is done playing nice and he breaks the Joker’s neck.

Joker is not dead yet and within the last moments of his life, he taunts Batman. Batman decides then not to fully kill the Joker, which disappoints the clown greatly. Instead the Joker twists his own neck thus killing himself.

Come on lets twist again, like we did last summer!

The Joker is dead. Buy chaos is governing the city of Gotham. With the help of his personal gang, Batman sets out along with Robin and even with some help from commisionar Gordon to stop the chaos. They succeed and Gotham is peaceful once again!

The end?


The government is pissed that Batman managed to stop the crimes in Gotham without their help and therefore Batman must pay

Hello Superman!

Wearing his powerful exo skeleton armor, the two superheroes fight to the death. Superman only does his job which is supporting the leaders of planet Earth, while Batman claims if Superman were mortal he would understand him and other humans better.

With the help of Green Arrow they manage to slow Superman down by hitting him with an arrow dipped in a kryptonite like substance, causing Superman to turn mortal for a moment. Which is what Batman wanted in order to proof a point. Because of this Superman is defeated but then…..

Another one bites the dust….

More happens….

And another one gone

And one last thing….

And another one gone

Knowing this is Batman…is he really dead? (Alfred is, sadly 😦 )

This movie was awesome. Two parts. The second one being better than part 1, but as a whole, great movie.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Also my apologies for the looong review, hope you enjoyed! Until next time.


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