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Batman, Bad Blood (2016)

I am going to start at the end. The moment when the movie was over and we realized it was not a stand alone film but a sequel to Batman vs Robin (2015) movie.


Oh well, its not an option to unsee the movie and I wouldn’t want to. So I bring you a review on the 2016 animated movie, “Batman. Bad Blood”.

Bad Blood is all about meeting multiple members of the bat family;

Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, Batwing, even Batgirl.

The movie is very action packed, as most Batman films are. It begins in a warehouse where Batwoman is fighting villains (mutant villains), a walrus, a mantis, etc.

Batman joins the fight but things get ugly pretty fast. There is an explosion and Batman makes sure Batwoman is hurdled out of the building through a window before being caught in the explosion himself.

Batman is gone and no one knows where he is. Has he vanished or is he really dead? Alfred takes over Bruce Wayne’s duties the best he can, even going as far as using holograms of Mr. Wayne.

In the meantime, Nightwing is keeping tabs on the town along with Damian a.k.a. Robin. At one point Nightwing is forced to take on the cowl of Batman as criminals are starting to notice and act on the fact the Bats is gone. Annoyed with the fact he needs to pretend he is Batman, Nightwing does what he needs to do.

Soon him and Robin team up with Batwoman. Batwoman’s alias is Katie, a friend of Dick Grayson (a.k.a. Nightwing) an openly gay woman, who intends to find Batman if its the last thing she does.

This is pretty much the plot of the movie, getting Batman back (if he is alive) and restoring peace in Gotham (which is a never ending cycle).

The trio goes after the Heretic. He is their key into figuring out where Batman could be. The Heretic and his henchmen go after Wayne enterprise. They capture Lucius Fox and his son Luke Fox. Nightwing and Robin arrive but the Heretic gets away but not before stabbing Lucius. Another note is that the Heretic seems overly protective of Robin for some reason…

We then meet the mastermind behind the Heretic. A familiar face we have seen before and read about in the comics …. Batman’s love interest (well one of them) Talia Al Ghul!

Bruce is here too! Talia has been holding him prisoner, not only that, he is being brainwashed by the Mad Hatter.

The Heretic breaks into the Batcave to kidnap Damian. He explains that he is a clone of Damian, created by a genetics program run by Ra’s al Ghul. They used Damian’s DNA (who is the child of Batman and Talia) to genetically engineer the perfect soldier.

Talia kills the Heretoc for disobeying her orders and trying to hurt her son. Nightwing and Batwoman arrive. They are quickly joined by Luke, who has taken a batsuit from his father’s vault. Becoming TRON!

Uh…. I mean Batwing.

They escape with Batman and all seems to have returned to normal.

Bruce isn’t the same though, and soon the others figure out that he is still under the Mad Hatter’s mindcontrol.

Weeks pass and Bruce seems to have recovered, though he remains adamant that Katherine and Luke not be involved. After Katherine is forced to fight her father after he suddenly attacks her, Dick learns from this that Bruce is still under the effects of the Mad Hatter’s mind control.

Luke realizes that the League of Assassins are planning to brainwash a number of world leaders at a tech summit held by Bruce. During the conference, Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman and Batwing arrive to fight Talia and her henchmen. During the fight, the Mad Hatter is killed (his head explodes…its all pretty gruesome).

A fight breaks out between the four bat (one bird) people against Talia, henchmen and…Bruce himself. Luckily Nightwing manages to snap Batman out of his hallucination. Batwoman slaps the crap out of Talia but in the end she escapes in a vessel, only for Onyx, a subordinate of the Heretic, to confront and attack her to avenge the Heretic’s death. The vessel subsequently crashes and explodes.

The movie ends with the entire Bat-family standing on a rooftop next to the Bat-signal, ready to fight crime once again!

This is the moment where we get a quick cameo of Batgirl. No doubt another movie will be coming out (or perhaps already is?).

This movie was…interesting.

The story was good, the voice acting as well. Luke as Tron,- uh I mean…Batwing… felt a bit unnecessary. Plus the whole Damian is Bruce and Talia’s son thing…I never much cared for that.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10.

Again a long review… I need to set a word limit for these things.

Thanks for reading and until next time!


2 thoughts on “Batman, Bad Blood (2016)

  1. I’m thinking that I am at one point going to have a binge weekend when I’m going to watch all these films 😊 The premise for this sounds pretty cool, and the cast of characters assembled here as well.! Another great reviews and look: your blog is growing 😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is growing, isn’t it? 🤗 I am happy the reviews are being read even though I am not as talented and experienced as you are yet. Thanks for reading and commenting (again) 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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