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Batman vs. Robin (2015)

Its not that I hate children, I mean I am a teacher for goodness sake… I guess the word I am looking for is “tolerate” I tolerate children. I know how to handle them. I know what they are like when mommy and daddy are not looking…

“My smart precious child wouldn’t hurt a fly.” …

Please, you’re child may be less rotten than the next but they all have a little demon inside of them somewhere.

Speaking of demon…

Meet Damian;

A.k.a. Robin.

Robin is the child of Batman and Talia al Ghul. Or has Damian refers to himself; “a biological accident”.

Now that I have introduced you the other main protagonist (Batman being the other) let’s begin the review, shall we?

The movie starts with typical child behaviour, disobeying your parents in order to do something you know they won’t like. Batman and Damian are currently investigating a case of missing children. Damian, being impatient, takes it upon himself to get to the abandoned toy factory where he suspects the children are being held captive. Without asking he takes the Batmobile without informing his father and heads out. He finds the man responsible (Anton Schott) and engages a fight with the man and his henchmen (who are some if the missing children, mutated into dolls…very creepy). Batman finally arrives to help Robin. While he is busy taking care of the mutated children, Robin goes after Anton who flees the scene. The two reach the woods, Robin overpowers him but in the end spares his life.

Suddenly he is interrupted by a man cloaked in a owl-like outfit, named Talon. Talon urges Robin to kill Anton bit Robin tells him he won’t. Talon kills Anton and frames Robin for the murder. Batman arrives amd initially believes he son murdered Anton. Robin leaves, angry. It takes a minute for Batman to realize his son was speaking the truth as he finds an owl feather at the scene.

The next night Bruce has dinner with Samantha Vanaver, another wealthy socialite. She and Bruce have been dating for three months. Unfortunately dinner is cut short when Samantha has to get to a meeting. Bruce later that night tries to connect with his son over a movie and popcorn. Alas it is all in vain as Damian tries to escape Wayne Manor later thay same night.

Damian and Bruce fight;

“A biological accident doesn’t make you my father and as sure as hell doesn’t make me your son!”

Bruce leaves things and calls Nightwing to babysit Damian, as he himself goes out to investigate the owl feather he found.

It leads him to the Gothan Museum of Natural History’s Hall of Owls. He remembers the story his father told him about the Court of Owls. A secret society of wealthy men who ruled Gotham from the shadows. Bruce also remembers the night his parents were murdered (as he does in every movie) seeing an owl flying over after the murder.

Nightwing is a sucky babysitter or Damian is just really smart (both are true probably). Damian escapes the Manor and is approached again by Talon who encourages Damian to join him. Robin doesn’t make a decision but he will think about Talon’s offer. Robin returns home, Bruce warns him that he will sent him away to a school in Switzerland unless he learns to discipline himself.

The next day Bruce is on his way to yet another date with Samantha, but he is kidnapped in the process and brougt before the Court of Owls who offer him a seat amongst them. Like Damian, (though the court doesn’t know Bruce is Batman) he thinks about the offer.

We figure out Talon is part of the Court (big surprise there, the costume did not give it away at all).

What a Hoot!

Talon has also been dating Samantha who is the Grandmaster of the Court of Owls.

Damian decides to run with Talon for a while, though he refrains from killing the criminals they capture.

Talon introduces Robin to the Court and the Grandmaster. When Robin takes off his mask, Samantha recognizes him immediately and realizes that Bruce is Batman. She orders to kill Damian, something talon does not want to happen and he turns on the Court, killing the members, including his girlfriend Samantha. Talon sets out to kill Batman.

He heads out to Wayne Manor with his soldiers. A fight begins between Batman, Nightwing and even Alfred joins in (with a shotgun! Go, old man!)

Talon appears to be winning but Robin arrives and protects his father and friends. He defeats Talon but doens’t kill him. Talon grabs Robin’s hand and forces the sai Robin is holding through his own neck. Robin is confused by the whole ordeal.

Batman tells Robin about a monastary he went to when he was young and confused. Robin decides leaving might be a good idea and he heads out on his own to the Himalayas.

This movie waa interesting. I mean I still don’t like Damian… but a good character nonetheless.

Another Batman movie worth watching. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.


6 thoughts on “Batman vs. Robin (2015)

  1. Hmmm…while apparently not as good as the other ones that you have been reviewing, it still sounds pretty awesome. I really have to find some time to watch all of these at some point (I wonder if I can find that time somewhere though 😂😂). Another terrific review, you are on a roll here 😀

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