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The Killing Joke (2016)

The Killing Joke was one of the Batman comics I’d always wanted to read. Then almost two years ago I bought the comic for my boyfriend because he is a big Batman fan. Though I ended up reading it first because I could and he wasn’t home…so…and no I did not buy it for me…maybe a gift for the both of us…


The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is a stand on its one episode. The story is mainly about the Joker and his backstory and also about his relationship with Batman.

Though the Killing Joke animated movie was quite different in that sense. Though they stuck to the actual storyline, the focus was also a lot on Batman and Batgirl’s relation/partnership.

Maybe a bit more than partnership. The movie pushes the idea that Barbara (James Gordon’s daughter) is in love with Batman, though he makes love to her willingly on a rooftop…he doens’t push the subject further. In fact he gives her the cold shoulder for a couple of days.

The movie has two villains. Paris Franz (no laughing please, the guy can’t be blamed for his ridiculous name) and the Joker.

Paris is the first villain we meet and he is obsessed with Batgirl. This is the reason Batman takes her off the case (this al happens before the one night stand on the roof). But a member of Batman’s bat family wouldn’t be a member unless they were stubborn and Batgirl is no different.

Though ignoring Batman’s warning on multiple occasions she tries to help the best she can. In the end she smashes Paris to a pulp and he is taken in.

But due to everything that has happened, Batgirl decides to call it quits and goes back to living her life as Barbara Gordon.

Villain number 2!

Our favourite Mark Hamill!


I am very biased regarding the Joker and his voice. Mark Hamill’s portrayel is definitely my number 1 with Troy Baker being 2nd as his voice sounds most familiar to that of Mark’s.

Joker’s introduction is quite dark in this movie. We get flashbacks now and then about the Joker’s life before he became the clown, and this sparks (at least with me) a lot of sympathy for the man. In the Killing Joke the Joker is really pushing it.

Dressed in a touristy outfit, Hawaiian shirt, camera, hat and shades, he arrives at Gordon’s house where James and Barbara are having a father-daughter day. Its Barbara who opens the door, thinking its her friend Colleen bit instead sees the Joker.

The redhead gets no time to run or scream as he shoots her through the stomach. Barbara falls back through the coffee table, paralyzed and filled with fear. Joker’s henchmen kidnap James Gordon while Joker stays behind undressing the paralyzed Barbara.

Batman visits Barbara in the hospital. The doctor tells him she will never walk again. Infuriated Batman goes after the Joker.

The Joker tortures Gordon, mentally. Having stripped him naked and showing him pictures of his daugther naked and bleeding. Joker’s goal is to proof to Batman that anyone can go insane within only a matter of seconds if you manage to trigger them the right way.

Though Gordon is stronger than the Joker gives him credit for. Batman rescues the commissionar and goes after the clown.

Now….the ending of this movie is quite bizarre in my opinion. Batman and Joker have a heart to heart instead of beating each other to a pulp. It gets so far that the Joker ends up telling a joke causing the two men to laugh out loud.

The end.

What? You heard me. The end.

Though we get a little sneak peek of Barbara in her wheelchair heading into a secret room in her house where we are shown that she has now become Oracle.

But back to the actual ending…

Even with the comic (where this also happens) I was very confused with this ending. It made me feel like Batman did not care that much about what the Joker had done to his former sidekick, lover and friend…

Maybe that’s just me, but I wanted to smack the man for it.

Overall this movie is good. Brutal. Mental. And if you don’t like that type of abuse don’t watch it or watch it with someone. I turned my head a few times during this film because of that. Still it is a good story and the portrayel of the Joker is terrifyingly dark.

To conclude this movie gets an 8 out of 10 from me.

Hope you enjoyed the review, stay safe and as always….till next time!


4 thoughts on “The Killing Joke (2016)

  1. I read this post at work (don’t worry it was in my break) and as always it did not disappoint. I agree the movies ending was just plain weird. Otherwise though it was a fun albeit very dark and enjoyable film. Really liked the opening of your post: it was seriously funny 😂😂
    Glad you enjoyed this one: now I’m off to track down that comic 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The whole ending – isn’t it to show that the Joker was kind of successful in his goal? He didn’t drive Commissioner Gordon mad but he did manage to push Batman over the edge. That’s my reading at least.

    This really is a movie of two halves if ever there was one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Batman has always been pretty dark, but this seems much darker. You have bat girl going full vigilante, then getting paralyzed. It’s implied but not shown that the joker may have raped her when undressed her. And then batman finally having a mental breakdown. Damn….
    Good post!!


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