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Son of Batman (2014)





……Fine…let’s just get on with it….

High on a mountain, hidden amongst other higher snowy mountains stands a huge gigantic temple owned by Ra’s al Ghul. The league of assasins hideout where the assassins train under Ra’s watchful eye.

One of them is a bit different than the rest.

Enter the demon!!!

Demon? My apologies… I mean Damian.

So uhm…this is the prequel to Batman vs. Robin…which was the prequel to Batman Bad Blood… which means we watched these movies backwards. Oh well.

Anyway, Damian is trained by his grandfather to become his successor, however Ra’s is murdered by Deathstroke. Well almost at first, he manages to crawl his way towards the Lazarus pit…Poof! Ra’s dies.

Talia (Ra’s daughter and Damian’s mother) denies her son the opportunity to push Ra’s into the pit in order to be revived. Confused by this Damian reluctantly does as he is told and follows his mother out of the room when she tells him its time for the boy to meet his father…

“Hello father, i’d thought you’d be taller.”


Like the good mother Talia is …. she leaves Damian behind to learn from Batman. Damian soon proves to be annoying. “Can I drive?” “No.” “I can , you know…” “NO!”

Even Alfred can’t stand the young boy.

This man is my hero!

Meanwhile Talia takes her league of assassins and goes after Deathstroke. She gets kidnapped and Batman and Damian are the obvious choice to save her.

But before they do, we meet another member of the bat family. Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing. He encounters Damian in the city whilst on patrol. Unaware at the time that Damian is Batman’s son, the two get into a fight. And Nightwing manages to tie Damian up and hang him from a streetlight (even though he himself got beat up pretty badly by the young brat).

As punishment for disobeying his father, Bruce makes Damian the new Robin in order to teach him discipline.

The story continues with the two going after Deathstroke and saving Talia. Talia get shot when she jumps to her son’s protection. Batman dips her into the Lazarus Pit whikst Damian chases after Deathstroke. Damian gets the upper hand but decides to let him live, acknowledging he is also Batman’s son and just Ra’s grandson.

Talia, Batman and Damian escape and the young boy is left with the choice to either stay behind with his father or go back home with his mother. He chooses to stay with Batman.


Aside from Alfred’s witty comebacks, this movie did not do it for me. The storyline was a too familiar formula and I can’t help but disliking the character Damian to a fault. Its probably all part of character building, but after seeing the next movies with the kid…I still don’t see a difference.

Thus I give this movie a 5.5 out of 10


4 thoughts on “Son of Batman (2014)

  1. So….I am guessing….No πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Too bad this one wasn’t to your liking. I saw a review for this one on another blog last year, and he pretty much said the same thing. Oh well..with so many good animated movies so far, there was bound to be one that wasn’t so good in the end.
    Still…your review was as spot on as always: great post! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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