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Marrowbone (2017) (spoiler free)

When I saw the title of this film my first thought was, a! …I bet this is a creepy movie!

And boy…was I right!

I love scary movies with a dash of thriller (no not the song) and some psychological aspect.

This movie had it all, though most of the horror aspects of this film were only jumpscares and use of sinister background music.

So if you’re ready to dive into a thriller horror movie review…sit down and enjoy the ride.

The movie is actually called; El secreto de Marrowbone.

As you can guess by reading the original title, the movie is of Spanish origin. Yet the cast as well as the language in the film is English.

So why would a Spanish film director have an all Spanish crew? But an all English cast?

Truth be told, I don’t know. Perhaps to draw in a larger audience? It doens’t matter, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

The plot

The movie is about a 4 sibling. Jack, Billy, Jane and Sam, who move with theor mother into the house where she grew up. The family is in hiding from the father of the children, who has commited a series of crimes and has now been trialed in court and found guilty.

The mother wants to start a new life, so they take on the name Marrowbone, her maiden name. For a while everything seems fine and the children make a new friend, Allie. A young woman who lives near them.

But all is not well and soon the mother dies of an illness. Jack is the oldest of the siblings, but he is not yet 21 years old. Meaning if the community finds out the children are motherless they could be seperated and placed into foster homes.

Therefore the children stick to their mother’s final wish, which is to stay hidden from the world until Jack turns 21. They hide away, even from Allie.

“Shout, shout! Let it all out!”

The movie turns into a thriller from here. A figure appears at the edge of the forest and fires its gun at the house. The bullet shoots through a window, missing Jane only by a few inches. She screams for Jack who drops his pen, as he was in the midst of writing in his journal, and comes to her aid.

What happens next to them, none of us know…..The screen goes dark and we only hear a few noises.

A new scene comes up and we see all 4 siblings alive. Whatever happened and whoever this person was, we don’t know.

Its 6 months later and the house has become haunted by a ghost. Thinking the ghost uses mirrors for traveling, the siblings hide, break and cover mirrors up throughout the entire house.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

But the ghost is persistent and the children can’t seem to get any peace in their house. Jack only has 5 months to go until he is 21 but will they survive the torments of the ghost and other problems that arise?

Those damn raccoons!

The movie gets a few plot twists and to me they were done so brilliantly that it took me a while to realize what the heck was going on and where this movie was heading to.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while…you know how much I love it if a movie can keep me from guessing and understanding the actual plot!

The question you keep asking yourself during this movie is, what is this ghost? Is it a ghost? Who was that man? What is that weird bump Jack suddenly has on his forehead? And whats with the dolls who resemble all the siblings?

Family photo time

Strong points

  1. The storyline
  2. The cast
  3. The plot twists
  4. The psycho element
  5. Making great use of a well-known story formula and turning it into something brilliant and refreshing.

Weak point


Oh that does sound dull, doesn’t it?

But I saw no horrible flaws with this film and I am very critical. I just thought this movie was so well done… I don’t understand the low score on rottentomatoes or on IMDB.

(And no I did not pick this film because Stranger Things, Charlie Heaton is in this film).

If you love movie that keep you on your toes and make you think, watch i!

I give this movie a 9 out of 10

Thanks for reading, take care and until next time!


7 thoughts on “Marrowbone (2017) (spoiler free)

  1. I have never even heard of this movie, but your review really makes me want to watch this now. Like you I love plot twists too, especially the unexpected ones. And I also never pass up on a good horror/thriller movie. And not having any weak points isn’t dull, it’s awesome 😊 Just like this post!

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