The Tick, 2nd half of season 1

He’s blue

He’s big

He’s back!

Last year I wrote a review on the first half of season 1 of Amazon’s prime series ‘the Tick’.

Now its time for the second half of that season. On February 23rd our big blue friend was back on screen.

I really enjoyed the first half of season 1, the jokes, the storyline, the casting… I thought they did a really good job and I could only hope things would still be as good during the last half of the season.

“Dear lord, let it be good.”

The whole gang is still here. Arthur, the Tick and of course our main villian the Terror (brilliant acting job by Jackie Earle Haley).

Overkill, Dottie (Arthur’s sister), Superian, Miss Lint and let’s not forget the true hero of the show….D-d-dangerboat!

I love this boat. Voiced by Alan Tundyk (Wash from Firefly, Sonny from I, Robot, etc).

The show continues with Arthur and the Tick trying to find the Terror. But at the end of the last episode, Arthur was kidnapped (by the Terror). Its up to the Tick to find and rescue his buddy! With the help of Dottie and Overkill they manage to find Arthur and the scientist who created Arthur’s suit.

Arthur now truly knows (having seen him in the flesh) that the Terror is still alive! Its up to him to make this known to the world.

The Terror already has his own plan on making his grand way back into the world, feeling no need to stay into hiding but not before he gets rid of Superian.

The episodes focus mainly on the Terror preparing everything for his big bang entrance whilst the Tick and the gang try to stop his evil plot on how to get rid of Superian.

“Everyone and everything is a suspect!”

The big question obviously is, is this series worth a watch?

The answer; YES!

Next question, is the second half of season 1 as good as the first?

The answer; …I wish it was.

Listen, these few episodes were not bad. The storyline was a bit…meh. The cast was still as brilliant, they really did a fantastic job with this. The humor wasn’t has funny as last year’s episodes…it wasn’t as ‘squirt milk out of my nose’ funny this time.

One thing which really irritated me this time was the screentime of the Tick vs. Arthur. Compared to last year, the show now should have been called Arthur and the Tick…not the Tick.

There are also a couple of love stories developing on the sideline. Dot and Overkill, Dangerboat and Arthur.

Yup, the boat has a crush on Arthur (one sided, Arthur has no idea) and Dangerboat even discusses it with the Tick (who has no clue what the boat means when asked; “do you think a boat can be…homosexual?”)

Which I believe it totally can.

Other than that it conpletely focusses on superheroes trying to stop super villains.

To conclude!

Season 1 was a good season though I wish they hadn’t split it into 2 halves…there was no need for it in my opinion.


I really enjoyed it. The jokes were good (even some in the 2nd half of the season) and the cast really is what makes this series great!

Season 2 is planned for 2019 and I can’t wait to see what they will make of it.

I rate this series overall an 8 out of 10 and the last half of season one a 7 put of 10.

Hope you enjoyed this review, take care and until next time!

“You hear that, Chum? There’s going to be a season 2!….NEAT!”

6 thoughts on “The Tick, 2nd half of season 1

    1. German? 😂
      Well we don’t have Amazon Prime (I don’t think you can get it in my country) so we had to watch via a different route 😅. Thank you for commenting! 😊

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      1. America. Oh gosh… no, no. Just the flat lands of the Netherlands lol. Seeing as Dutch resembles German (quite a lot) I can understand why you thought it was that 😜

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