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The Shape of Water (2017) (spoiler free)

When upon hearing the name of Guillermo del Toro a couple of films pop to mind;

  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Hellboy
  • Crimson peak

To me this is a man who creates movies which are abstract, creative and edgy.

Usually fantasy or sci-fi with a dash of drama/romance in the story (apart from Hellboy which contained a lot of action too).

In 2017 Guillermo brought a new movie to the big screen and the movie got a lot of attention even before it hit the theaters.

Featuring Sally Hawkings as Elisa Esposito, Doug Jones as the Amphibian man and many more. A movie about romance, drama and fantasy;

The shape of water

The movie takes place in the 1960s during the Cold war , a time where cadillacs roamed the highways, coloured people were still fighting for their rights and basically everything and everyone who wasn’t white, straight or religious could jump off a cliff (damn you 60s with your awesome fashion sense but very ridiculous hairstyles).

Elisa is a mute, meaning she can’t speak but is not deaf. She works as a cleaning lady at a secret government laboratory. She is a woman of routine which she follows every day.

She wakes up, runs a bath, puts eggs in water for breakfast, sets a timer for the eggs, climbs into the niw full bathtub and starts to masturbate (oh yes the movie does indeed)…

She eats breakfast and makes lunch, polishes her shoes, goes to her neighbour (with whom she shares a special bond) and gives him his breakfast before leaving the house and taking the bus to work.

One day at the lab a new project comes in. Elisa and her friend Zelda are cleaning the area where the object of said project is rolled in.

Inside this waterfilled tank is a creature from the depths of South-America, an aquatic creature worshipped as a God by the locals. The American government is using the creature as an experiment to find ways to improve their space program (as they are competing over this with the Russians).

The project is led by Colonel Richard Strickland, who captured the creature in the Amazon. Strickland is obsessed, power hungry and dominant (basically every good quality a man should have *vomit noises*). He is determines to uncover the secrets within the aquatic creature.

Happiness is a choice!

Elsa visits the creature every day and soon forms a close bond with the creature. She brings him food (eggs) and even brings a recordplayer with her so they can listen to music together.

“Play that funky music right, yaaaa”

Of course Elisa’s bond with the creature is growing stronger as days go by and with Colonel Strickland’s upcoming plans to seriously hurt (kill) the creature, Elisa comes up with a plan to save the man (fish) she has come to care for.

*cue Disney song* “Someday I’ll be….part of your wooorrllddd”

If you want to know the ending, you will have you watch it for yourself. Remember it is a Guillermo movie, he won’t shy away from shocking you. Do not expect any Hollywood sugar coating from this man.

“Want to know what I think of this movie?”

The verdict.

I enjoyed this movie. There is a lot of romance and drama involved and the fantasy aspect is woven into the story as if it belongs there.

Overall the movie is really well done, down to the make-up job on Doug Jones (who we all know from starring in Hellboy and Star trek Discovery), to the music and the storyline.

I rate this movie a 7.5 out 10

Hope you all enjoyed this review, take care and I will see you next time!

(Last note, no real life cats were hurt in this movie).


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