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The subtle art of not giving a F*ck(ing Mark Ronson)

“Self-help gurus ignore this deeper level of selfawareness as well. They take people who are miserable because they want to be rich and then give them all sorts of advice on how to make more money.” -Mark Ronson-

Mark you devil you… you’re only in this for the money. Oh well, like the author of Fifty Shades of Grey (Which is not a book…I have to say this once again), I hope you are pleased with yourself. Another point proven that these days everyone with a broad enough social media following can write a “book”.

This man understands it.

This book was like a rollercoaster. It started good, then it went downhill. It went up again…and then down.

Certain examples used in this book should have been left out. The whole example on Hiroo Onada left a bitter taste in my mouth. I understand the “point” Mark was trying to make but the example was just wrong and the way he described Hiroo’s way of thinking and being loyal to the Empire (basically Mark states that this was a dumb thing), was really disrespectful in my eyes. I am sorry Mark, but if you don’t understand or have been raised in a different culture….don’t have such an opinion about it.

Mark makes some pretty good and valid points, a few I vouch for having experienced them myself. At other times Mark completely misses the nail with his hammer and sometimes describe things in a way only meant (in my opinion) to attract an audience instead of being truthful.

The rock star examples are really well explained and he talks about this with far more respect than the World War II example and the lying feminist.

Seeing as this is Mark’s first book, I hope he writes the next one a bit more different. Less blog style and a bit less vulgar.

In one segment (example) he writes about a woman called Erin. A woman who has basically stalked him for a long time and he is having dinner with her and his wife. He writes about this Erin woman, as if he is annoyed and repulsed by her behaviour towards him and his wife.
She said during dinner: I want your wife to be there, so she knows I am willing to share you and she should not be jealous of me.

… but he allows it to continue. He doesn’t stop this toxic behaviour. I for one would like to know why Mark allows this woman to interfere with his life and even goes out to dinner with her. I’m sorry, Mark Ronson, at this point you were contradicting yourself too much on your own self help guidance book. Don’t claim you think she is crazy and that you don’t like when you allow it to go on.

Overall I do believe this book has a lot of strong points and people who struggle with themselves. People who are afraid to stop and drop everything they are doing in order to go after something that will make them happy. Instead of staying where they are and feeling miserable about it (its not easy and you don’t do this stuff overnight. you think it through, you try to plan it out, and then you need the courage to do it).

This book gets a 2 out of 5 star rating from me. Even though the best chapters in my opinion were chapters 1 till 3 and 7 & 8.


6 thoughts on “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck(ing Mark Ronson)

  1. I’ve been recommended this book on everything I’m on for books. Lol! (Audible, Kindle, Kobo) Apparently they REALLY think that I need to learn how to not give a F*ck! Lol! But, I just can’t justify giving my money away for it. Like you said, anyone with any sort of following can apparently write a book these days… it’s getting sad and I just don’t know if I can do it! So, I’m glad you read it so I can at least get a taste!! Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading my review! If you somehow are able to download or perhaps borrow the book from someone, that might be a good solution.
      I agree with certain things in his book but these are points which a lot of people make or advise these days. And indeed regarding certain situations you should not give a fuck, lol!
      I know I won’t reread this book, so I lost my 15 euros in this case 😂

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