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Only the Brave (2017)

I love movies, I enjoy all genres. However, my favourite genre is movies based on true events.

Only the Brave tackles the subject on draught fires. This is something we hardly (lets just say never) experience in the Netherlands. My step-family is Greek and on the island my step-grandparents live there have been several cases of fires. Its a scary thing and it isn’t until the fire dies out, you realize how much is destroyed.

Only the Brave is a film about a true event. Now I am keeping this movie spoiler free. But for those who live in the area of where this event took place, you probably already know the story.

The movie is based on the true story and in memory of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. A group of firefighters who fought the Yarnell Hill fire in June 2013.

Josh Brolin, plays Eric Marsh. The leader of the group. Eric is married to Amanda (played by Jennifer Connelly. I love this woman).

The movie starts with the group of firefighters who are trying to work their group to the rank of Hotshot. Hotshots are the firefighters who go to the front line in order to fight the wild fires.

We are slowly introduced to the other members of the team. Some get a bit more of a background story than others. One of them being Brendan a.k.a as Donut.

“They call me donut, because I do nut want to be here…”

Donut is a new father to be, after receiving a text from a girl that she is pregnant, he is not at all happy with this but he his willing to take responsibility for his actions. Alas the girl turns his offer down and then after getting into jail for stealing a car radio, Brendan’s mom kicks him out of the house.

So Brendan decides on doing what is best and that is getting clean from drugs and getting a job. A few months later he goes down to the firefighting station of Eric Marsh to apply for a position on his crew. A bit reluctant at first Eric gives him a chance. A rather unfit Brendan undergoes training but he eventually makes the team.

The crew gets the opportunity to audition for a position as a Hotshot crew and they pass. The team celebrates by throwing a big party with all the crew’s families.

A couple of weeks later Amanda gets into a car accident, she survives but we learn that the relationship between her and Eric isn’t all sunshine and butterflies. Amanda has a change of heart regarding the “having children” subject on which Eric still has firm “No” answer towards. Its then also revealed the two have a history of addiction, this being main reason why Eric doesn’t want to have children and why he cares so much for Brendan.

“At least he has a killing stache…rawrrr”

Brendan on the other hand is developing a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and his daughter. So much he is thinking about quitting the team because he is afraid of the high risks of dying whilst on the job.

The crew gets a call about a huge fire taking place in Yarnell and things get pretty ugly from there on…

“If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!”

I’ll steer clear of the rest of the plot from here on, but I have to say this movie was beautiful. I don’t know how much of the true story the movie stuck to, but it was so gripping and emotional.

I really enjoyed this movie and if you love true stories this is one for you. The cast is great, the story is great and the way it waa shot with the fires and the technicalities… I can only say this movie deserves a high rating.


Therefore… I rate this movie a 8.5 out of 10. Really beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, take care and I’ll see you next time!


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