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Nr. 10! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

Imagine a school where there are two seperate and isolated classes.

The first is a group of students who goes to class during the day and a second group who goes to class only at night.

Are you interested in a school like that? Then you might enjoy this anime.

At nr. 10. Of my favourite anime shows;

Vampire Knight (2008)

Vampire knight is an anime series about a school that teaches a day class and a night class.

The students of the day class are dressed in a dark blue uniform and the night class students are dressed in a broken white uniform.

Thats not all. Of course there is a reason the school has a seperate class system…the night classes are not your typical run-of-the-mill human students. As the title gives it away…they are vampires.

Two of the main characters, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiyuu act as guardians when the day class switches for the night class. Yuuki and Zero are aware of the night class being a group of vampires. However the day time students are unaware and believe the night class is just a special group of drop-dead (no pun intended) gorgeous people.

Vogue anyone?

Kaname Kuuran, leads a group of vampires from the night class, has a history with Yuuki. He saved her from a vampire attack (Kaname himself was already a vampire) when she was very young. Yuuki has developed a crush on him ever since.

Back to the other male main character Zero. He is Yuuki’s childhood friend, who hates vampire but he is currently harbouring a secret that might change their friendship forever.

So why did I choose this anime on nr. 10?

I was actually debating wether to put Amnesia, Brothers conflict or Ouran High School Host Club on nr. 10 (as you can tell all 4 are basically the same type of genre…). Yet, I went with Vampire Knight because I enjoyed it the most (and I love the intro song).

Hope you enjoyed this review, see you next time with nr. 9 of my favourite top 10 anime list.


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