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Nr. 9! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

One of the few anime series which actually aired on Dutch television back in the 90s was this show.

It was aired during the day…but now that I’m an adult and actually understand what the show is about (which I did not back then, I just thought it was awesome), I am not so sure it is that much of a child friendly show…not like PokΓ©mon.

Nonetheless I was a child, I did not have second thoughts regarding people being shot in an anime, people being murdered, people making death threats when invited to a birthday party. I guess the tv network didn’t have any second thoughts either, as the show aired ever weekday until it was finished and after a few months it was re-aired on another channel.

Enough rambling, on with the review. On nr. 9! Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing is one of the many Gundam series Anime has to offer. First aired back in 1995 with 49 episodes and 2 OVA. After the series ended a couple of Manga adaptations were made.

Out of all the Gundam series, Gundam Wing is not even near the top 3 of Gundam shows to watch, which saddens me as it is my personal favourite (probably because of the nostalgia feeling it gives me whenever I hear that intro).

The plot

The series is about 5 teenage boys, each trained by a specific scientist to operate their own personalised Gundam. After the training each boy is send to Earth (mankind found a way to colonise space) independently and are unaware of each other’s existence.

They are send to Earth to destroy a military organization called OZ (short for the Organization of the Zodiacs). Over the course of the series the teenagers find and meet each other and eventually realize their true purpose, that they are actually part of one group sent out to destroy OZ.

We meet other people along the way (mostly women, but they are kick ass women), who help the boys reach their goal.

The whole show is filled with drama, action, suspense and a bit of romance. The music, the suspense, the characters and their own personal stories are really well done. There isn’t a blah character among them.

Which is why this show gets 9th place on my favourite anime list.

“Now that that’s been taken care of, time for tea.”

Hope you enjoyed the short review and let me know if you’ve seen this series.

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Nr. 9! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

  1. I normally don’t like old shows animation but this one seems to be not that bad and interesting enough! πŸ˜€ Never seen it, but it’s going for my want to watch list for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to look up Robotech for a second, realizing I know that show but by a different name (which is actually also in my top 10 πŸ˜‚).
      I guess its a normal thing that some countries call certain shows by a different name.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i’m not surprised about the confusion. Robotech is known by many names due to the way it was presented in the West. I’m guessing Macross is the show that will appear later in your list.

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