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Cold remedies! A plague of sniffles.

To step off topic for a moment. I have become the victim of the common cold. I really need to get better as this weekend there is Comic Con in my country…

As some of you know I am a teacher, which means I am basically surrounded by bacteria most of the time (with this I mean the students…only kidding..).

I tend to get ill during the fall and during the end of winter/ beginning of spring. (I absolutely hate it. I’d rather have an upset stomach or a sprained ankle than the common cold).

It starts with a sore throat, which lasts for 4 days at most. On the 3rd day, the sniffles make their appearance as well as the phlegm cough. Around the 5th or 6th day things calm down and I can function normally (whatever that may mean).

My remedy

The moment I feel my throat becoming sore I take a zinc tablet in the morning. I don’t take tablets for sore throats because I’m allergic to something in them but I have no clue for what exactly.

Instead I take a Hot Coldrex about 3 times a day (which is powder with 30mg vit. C. And 500mg paracetamol…or acetaminophen I think it is called on some other countries). I shower every day, get dressed and open a window for fresh air. Not to mention the amount of tea (mostly ginger) I pour down my throat.

When the sniffles start I can’t do a lot. Hardly anything works when it comes to my nose. I can barely breathe through my right nostril meaning blowing my nose is somewhat of a difficulty. What I do is breath slowly through my nose as often as I can.

One of my colleagues advised me to put an extra pillow under my head when going to bed. And surprisingly enough ever sincr I did this I sleep so much better during the night when I am ill!

How about you?

What do you do when you get the sniffles? Or a sore throat?

Let me know in the comments because if there is a way to get rid of it quicker…I want to know it!

Hope you enjoyed this off topic review. Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Cold remedies! A plague of sniffles.

      1. Speaking of whiskey, I bought a bottle of whiskey once which had a slight vanilla flavour. The bottle was beautiful, matte black with a metallic purple pink blue frog on it….can’t remember the name for the life of me. Bought it on Ibiza years ago.


  1. Well, I get sick pretty often, although not something really that serious! I normally attack it with an antigripal which has paracetemol and I don’t know how to spell the other content in English ahah

    However, I do have some cool tricks that I use! If you like carrot then slice some of them and put sugar above it in a plate. Let it be and it will start making a kind of juice below the carrots. Drink it! It is marvelous for sore throats xD Tea also normally helps me! I also normally have some kind of candy although pharmaceutical which also work wonders to my throat! 😀

    Regarding the nose, yeah I also sleep with another pillow to help (It also helps the part of always coffing when you are laying down :P) but the thing that works the best for me is hot water steam. There are 2 ways for this, boiling water in the stove and breath the steam. The other one is in the shower 🙂 Although in the shower I would also advise for you to massage the forehead and around the top of your nose 😛 Normally people who suffer from some kind of disease that I don’t really remember now use it. Basically what it normally does is making your snot to come out and stop that headache of having a stuffy nose xD

    Loved the post! 😀

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  2. Hot curries and this:

    1 pint of tomato juice
    Around 1ts of Tobasco
    About 6tbs of Worcestershire Sauce
    A squeeze of lemon
    A squeeze of lime
    A pinch of pepper

    It’s strong, and it isn’t for everyone – but the lemon/lime help the throat, the tomato juice has vitamins in it (or some pseudo-science like that), and the Tobasco/Worcestershire Sauce combo is so strong and burns the throat so much you forget about your bad throat. It has quite a high salt content being the bad side so I wouldn’t have too much.

    It’s basically a Bloody Mary without the vodka.

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