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Nr. 8! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list.

One might say that this is a rip-off of Pokemon….

But is it really?

Let’s face it, if this a rip-off than Pokémon might as well be one of something else. So on, and so on.

It originated as a digital monster toy, got popular and boom an anime series was created. In 1999 the show aired for the first time in Japan. It ran for a year followed by a sequel series and currently has about 7 shows/spin offs in total.

I am talking….about Digimon!

On number 8 on the list is Digimon. Digimon are creatures in a digital dimension world.

Digimon Adventure tells the story of 7 kids at summer camp who each receive a gadget during a snow blizzard (in the middle of Summer) and they get transported to another dimension.

In this dimension they meet 7 different species of Digimon. These Digimon have been waiting for them for a long time. Each child gets their own personal Digimon and this is the start of the series. Each Digimon has the power to evolve in a more stronger being, with eventually a final transformation.

The goal of the series is for the children to get back to their world, later this goal is changed to saving the digital world of Digimon.

During the series every child gets a so called Crest which embodies a particular trait that defines each of them. Once they fully embody this trait their personal Digimon is able to transform to his or her ultimate form.

I loved this show and had my own personal favourite Digimon and even collected the cards at one point. I also watched the 2nd series of Digimon but after that lost interest in the new Digimon shows.

Let me know if you’ve seen Digimon and who you liked the most.

Have a great day/evening and until next time when we tackle entry number 7!


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