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Nr 7! Countdown top 10 favourite anime list!

It has been a while, but I am back with the anime top 10 countdown list!

At nr. 7 I have chosen an anime I learned about and watched completely (all of the seasons, sequels, spin-offs, you name it). This anime is most known for its toy line of build it yourself kits (such as Gundam).

I am talking….about ZOIDS!

Zoids chaotic century is an anime series from 1999. The anime is based on the zoids toy line which is quite popular in Japan and still produces mecha model kits to this very day.

The anime is about a boy called Van Flyhight who lives on the the planet Zi. Van finds a creature (looks like a metal T-Rex) who he names Zeke. Zeke is an Organoid, meaning he can merge with these machines called Zoids, which than gives the Zoid increased fighting power. Zeke brings a Zoid known as a Shield Liger back to life and Van uses the Zoid to fight off a couple of bandits. Van also finds a blond haired girl named Fiona a girl woth ancient powets. The goal of the series is to discover Fiona’s past, her memories and the origin of her powers.

Along the way they meet Moonbay, a transporter with incredible (insert sarcasm) singing skills and the merchenary Irvine. During their travels a war breaks out and they get caught up in the middle.

Zoids are usually used for combat but some are also used for daily labour (though this isn’t often shown). Usually depicted as some type of dinosaur or animal, Zoids are robotic looking creatures and can bond with the person who controls them.

I had a lot of fun watching the show and thought the story was really good though the summary sounds rather cliché (I admit). My partner used to collect Zoids when he was younger (they actually sold them here in the Netherlands back in the 80s and 90s) and he got me hooked on them as well.

The kits are quite expensive depending on which model you buy. They are a lot of fun to build (somtimes rather frustrating because of small pieces) and I made one myself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this long awaited post! Have a great day and take care!


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