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Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom (2018)

*Que John William Jurassic OST*

Gosh, I do love a good movie soundtrack and this one is a classic, epic and brilliant one.

I doubt this song really needs an introduction as I am sure you all have seen at least one of the Jurassic Park or World movies.

But you are not here for the music. You are here for a review (I reckon). To not further dawdle, here is my review on the latest movie in the Jurassic franchise.

Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom.

Summary (no spoilers)

The 5th installment in the franchise, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom brings you back to Isla Nublar where the once dormant volcano has become active again.

The island, which once was the tourist attraction featuring real life dinosaurs , is falling apart. Now the question is should the dinosaurs be saved by humans or be subjected to their own survival?

The movie stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt as Claire and Owen. Claire has been asked by Mr. Mills who is the representative for Mr Benjamin Lockwood (former partner and co creator of Jurassic Park and he dinosaurs with Mr. John Hammond) to save the dinosaurs and transport them to a new location.

Claire calls for the help of Owen. She needs him because he has a bond and can control the Velociraptor named Blue (the last Velociraptor on the island). Owen eventually agrees and together, with two of Claire’s coworkers, they head to the island accompanied by an army to get the dinosaurs to safety.

With limited time to save the dinosaurs, the two heroes find themselves in a predicament. Can they get out before the island is covered in lava and who is the real friend or foe on this island? Men or dinosaur?

Summary with spoilers!!!!

The movie begins with the army already collecting dinosaurs of the island. Of course as expected things go wrong. Really wrong….

And some dinosaurs escape the island.

The country is currently divided wether or not to save or kill the dinosaurs.

We are greeted by an old friend from the Jurassic Park movies, Dr. Ian Malcolm (it’s great to see Jeff Goldblum back in the franchise). Ian states it was wrong to recreate the dinosaurs as they should have stayed extinct. As we all know him and John Hammond never saw eye to eye regarding the cloning of dinosaurs and the creation of Jurassic Park.

Depsite his opinion and the government agreeing with him, thus not interfering with Isla Nublar, other people are helping the dinosaurs.

Claire and Owen along with the army start collecting the dinosaurs for Mr. Mills, who works for Dr. Benjamin lockwood. But soon they find out the dinosaurs are not being transported at all to a new island but back to the mainland where they will go up for sale as weapons to the rich and powerful.

Whilst on the island the volcano has reached its highpoint and the entire island starts to erupt on several locations.

Many dinosaurs are killed by the lave, falling debris or drowning as being forced into the ocean (it was really sad…I cried during that part).

Owen and Claire make it back to Lockwood manor, where the dinosaurs are brought.

Through the help of his granddaughter, Dr. Benjamin Lockwood (who is old and fatally ill) find out what his representative Mr. Mills is really up to. But before he can put a stop to it he is murdered.

Meanwhile we meet another familiar face, namely that of Dr. Wu. Who was one of the scientists in the 1st movie. He is back and helping Mills vreate the perfect and ultimate murder weapon. A Velociraptor mixed with the DNA of the Indominus Rex (also a hybrid from the 4th movie).

This creature, called Indoraptor (congrats with that incredible iventive name… very original…) is a true murder weapon. Of course it escapes and wreaks avoc during dinosaur auction night in the manor.

In the end the bad guys die and the dinosaurs are let loose, free to roam the earth.

What will happen next?

In 2021 a 6th movie is expected to show in theatres but what the plot shall be…we can only guess.


I do love the Jurassic franchise and though none of the new ones can ever replace the 1st movie, this one wasn’t that bad.

Okay, there were some mistakes in the film regarding timing, contradicting statements and goofs. But all in all it was a good film. In fact I liked it more than Jurassic World (4th movie).

One comment though on the who is this granddaughter storyline (spoiler she is a clone…), I thought that was really unnecessary to include in this movie. It didn’t add anything in my opinion.

The quality of the cgi regarding the dinosaurs was great. They were lovely.

Overall conclusion I rate this movie a 7.5 out 10.


3 thoughts on “Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom (2018)

  1. I haven’t seen this one yet ( I know right?? Totally shocking! 😮😮), but it is still on my list. I of course skipped over the spoiler part, because of well..spoilers, but otherwise this was a great review as always. I enjoyed Jurassic World,but not as much as most people as I found it to be too much of a remake of the original. It’s nice to know that you liked this one better. As always: great review! 😊😊

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